Meet our editors of carriereinternazionali.com: Federica Mataluna

Hello everyone!

I introduce myself as Federica, 24 years old.
What am I currently keeping busy with? Well, I’d just like to say: I am making choices. Choices useful for my education in a long term. (Finger crossed!)
Two years ago I got a Bachelor Degree at “L’Orientale” in Naples. From that moment on, I’ve been experiencing different ways of learning life and myself as well.
One of those, brougth me to China first and to different working environments then. I said “different”, each of those ways, indeed, has a main common point: “the internationalism”.
I often say I am a girl with an international mind and a neapolitan heart. That’s because I am aware that there are many things beyond my limits and just those “many things”, I’d love to explore completely; even keeping my neapolitan heart, my national one.

The main purpose of this “explorative travel”, to me, is to bring those “many things” to Italy, so as to spread that “inner internationalism”to the national boundaries.
I’d say : going beyond the boundaries but staying in the national boundaries, not making a specific categorization for that.
This is the main reason why I came to International Careers as trainee : my desire of integration and openness to anything different from me.
Did I find what I was looking for? Totally! Open-minded is the key word: if something is just possible, there is a slight chance that it will happen.
Well, through International Careers I get to know incredible possibilities I didn’t even imagine before. Those possibilities let me open my mind and taking a step forward towards more and more desirable goals.
I am well motivated in this training path and I really hope my commitment and my sense of self-motivation could come across to all of you.

My dear international friends, to conclude , my message to take away is the following:
Never stop looking for possibilities and opportunities, as the one I found with International Careers.
Let those opportunities increase your professional and growth path.

Thank you for reading.

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