Meet our editors of carriereinternazionali.com: Riccardo Testa

My name is Riccardo Testa and I was born 21 years ago in Rome.

I’m currently studying Law at LUMSA in Rome. I have always been fascinated by the world of international relations. I grew up with the dream of becoming a member of the Italian diplomatic world. Everyday I strive to improve myself and collect new experiences to let this happen. Since the beginning of my academic career I have followed a set of studies oriented towards international law. In fact, at the time of university enrollment, I was selected to take part in the International Study Path of my faculty. In short, this means that part of the classes I attend are taught in English as well as the final exams.

I was born in a family always involved in politics. Following the footsteps of my ancestors, I became personally involved in this field, which is often addressed as being very distant from the people. In addition to having taken part in the last LUMSA departmental elections as promoter and candidate of one of the students lists, I have participated in a simulation of the Italian Parliament to focus on policy development. This experience confirmed to me that I am right in being confident in the generation of young talents I have met and that one day they will be the future ruling class of our country. With some of them a strong friendship was established. It led us to collaborate together in a project called "Europa per l’Italia". Thanks to this initiative I had the opportunity to embrace the role of speaker in some Italian institutes (including my university) to give young EU citizens a basic idea of what the European Union is looking to its political, economic, historical and juridical facets. All this commitment has proved to be an excellent resource for many interested voters for the new legislature of the European Parliament. My passions also include Criminology studies. In this regard, I recently obtained the professional qualification of Expert in Forensic Sciences, Investigative Criminology and Criminal Profiling at the end of an annual Master course.

When I got halfway through my studies, I started looking around to make my studies more practical. I began to look for internship offers at the most renowned international organizations and, almost by chance, I found the "Giovani nel Mondo" Association on the internet. My desire was to find myself inserted in a dynamic group context to enrich my knowledge and I could not ask for better when I was welcomed by the editorial staff of carriereinternazionali.com. From being part of those youngsters who wander the internet platforms of NGOs in search of opportunities to be seized, I went to the side of those who put their resources at their disposal to support them in their research. Although I am only at the beginning of my career, thinking that I serve others and help them, even if in small part, makes me proud of having taken part in this initiative.

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