Don't miss the opportunity to kick start your international career, you have time until January 25th! Join us at the International Careers Festival from the 9th to the 12th of March 2019 in Rome and be part of an amazing team of brilliant young minds, institutions, companies, NGOs, and international organizations. Applications still open for the only event in Europe dedicated to youth-work and internationalization. The event has the patronage of relevant Italian and international institutions. 2019 edition will be the tenth one so the organizing team is planning many news to make the event even better than before. 250 scholarships available for the most deserving students.

To Apply go to

Organization: The Giovani nel Mondo Association is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization. The Association pursues educational and cultural, both international and national, goals; its primary focus is youth and young adults, ages between eighteen and thirty years old, to assist and accompany them on their education path and their professional, academic, and socio-cultural growth.


Do you want to learn more about the International Careers Festival? Read about the experience of the participants and meet the protagonists of this edition!


Duty station: Rome, Italy. For the tenth edition it is also possible to register to a pre-event preparation trip on the Costa Diadema Cruise


Open to: students and fresh graduates


Timeframe: from the 9th to the 12th of March 2019


Description: The Festival is composed of four main projects from which participants can choose the one most suited to their academic background, professional aspirations or general interest.

The four projects are:

ROME MODEL UNITED NATIONS - Diplomatic simulation of the United Nations. Recommended for students of (or those interested in) international relations, diplomacy, political science, law;

ROME BUSINESS GAME - Simulation of business realities involving case study competitions. Recommended for students of (those interested in) economics, business, management, marketing, computer science;

ROME PRESS GAME - Journalism and media (web, tv, radio) simulation. Recommended for students of (or those interested in) communication, media, translation and interpretation, literature, philosophy;

INTERNATIONAL CAREERS COURSE - A guidance course filled with practical workshops for a successful international career. Recommended for students from any faculty/academic background.

There are a limited number of places for all four projects. In order to participate, you must complete the application form and pass the selection process.

Furthermore, the Festival has an area which is entirely open to the public: the International Careers Fair. The Fair is a large exhibition area open to both participants and the public alike. It will be divided into two different sections: the education/university area and the work/internship area. It favours the interaction between thousands of students, whether they are looking for study/training/internship/work opportunities, and industry experts.

The International Careers Festival projects are quite complex and articulate, therefore it is important to carry out a pre-event preparation in order to favor an adequate participation. And this year, for the 10th anniversary, GnM decided to offer its members a special further opportunity to follow a live training course pre-conference. It will include a series of enhancement meetings both on the practical-procedural aspects of the event and on international careers in general, so as to make participants more aware and therefore better prepared to face the final experience of the participation in the Festival with great satisfaction.

Thanks to the partnership established between GnM and Costa Crociere, this training course will take place within a unique setting: the beautiful Costa Diadema ship. Being an International Careers Festival, GnM decided to propose a trip to some of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean within the week before the Festival, during which it will be possible to participate every day in a 3-hour session of structured preparation for the Festival. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to experience the countless services offered by Costa Diadema and visit marvelous cities such as: Savona-Marseille-Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca and Palermo, all destinations that have been the scene of the exchange of cultures, traditions, history, trade and collaboration between states and different nations.

For the first time, therefore, the Festival becomes itinerant and, in addition to the Roman experience, all the interested participants can also join the pre-event training week.

Requirements: Students enrolled in the following programs can apply as participants for the International Careers Festival:

-High school students in their last two years;

-Undergraduate students;

-Postgraduate students;

-I or II Level Master’s students ;

-Students who have graduated (no more than a year after receiving their diploma);

-Doctorate students;

A B1 level of English (in accordance with the European standard) is required in order to participate in the Festival. As you complete your application form, you will be asked to upload a certificate or to take an online English test provided by our partner.

-Certificate: You will be asked to upload a certificate, whether provided to you from an English language institution or by a university, which proves your level of English, or;

-Online English test: Should you not have a certificate, you will have to take our online English exam (you will be able to access the test through the application form). Once you have finished the test, the result will be sent to your e-mail address. You will then be asked to upload the result of your test as a screenshot or as a pdf to your personal account of the Festival's website.


Deadline: ICF still welcome applications and registration untile January 25th 2019.

For those applied for scholarships results will be announced around January 10th, for those who already paid the conference fee in full there is still time to book the accommodation package at Sheraton Hotel Parco de Medici.


Application process:

The application procedures are completely automatic and are as follows:

The APPLICATION and REGISTRATION of aspiring participants must be completed and submitted by the 25th of January 2019 (for students who need to pass the english test, we must also receive €15 membership fee by the same date);
If selected, candidates must complete the registration Form and at least make a first payment of €150 (the full payment costs €250) by and no later than 7 days after receiving the acceptance e-mail (however no later than the 25th of January 2019);

The balance of the participation fee, for those already registered, must be paid by the 25th of January 2019;

For those who applied for scholarships, results will be announced around January 10th.


Useful links:

International Careers Festival






Application link



RomeMUN is one of the largest United Nations simulations in Europe, joining young leaders from different parts of the world in one global forum where they meet to discuss concerns of the international community and give innovative solutions to deal with the most controversial issues in the political scenario worldwide. It is held in Rome, one of the most stunning cities in the world, where the Roman Empire governed all its provinces for centuries. The historic archaeological ruins create a fascinating atmosphere that surrounds the whole city and the events that take place there.

In this incomparable scenario, RomeMUN celebrates in March 2019 its 10th anniversary edition, a very special occasion to experience such an important conference in its maximum. This Model of United Nations is part of the International Careers Festival, a networking event between brilliant young minds, institutions, companies, NGOs, and international organisations.  The 4th edition of the International Careers Festival will take place from 9 to 12 March 2019 in Rome, including not only the Model of United Nations, but the Rome Press Game, the Rome Business Game and the International Careers Course.

It is supported under the patronage and support of the major international institutions located in Rome as United Nations agencies or as offices of the Italian Government. It allows the encounter of 2000 delegates from around the world, prestigious guests, and an innovative approach to foster great involvement and debate from the youth on current international issues, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The objective is giving a practical scenario for public speaking, negotiation, leadership skills, team building, and capacity to draft official international documents, in a multicultural environment with participants from over 100 countries in the world.

Every simulation needs the cooperation of a fantastic group of people who guide the committees we are representing and guiding delegates in the objectives that we pursue in our conference. This is why we are opening the positions as Chairs or Officials for the special upcoming edition of RomeMUN.

The main tasks of Chairs/Officials will be:

- Representing RomeMUN before and during the event

- Promoting the conference and contacting MUN clubs and other MUNs to develop partnerships and encourage delegations to apply

- Drafting the Study Guides about the committee, the main topic and its subtopics

- Participating in three online sessions in February to get in touch and solve doubts from delegates

- Chairing committee sessions during the conference in Rome (9-12 March 2019).

The benefits of being Chair/Official will be:

- Coverage of the conference fee, including lunches during the conference days, shuttle to and from the conference venue, participation in all the social events, and conference materials.

- Free accommodation from 8 to 12 March 2019 in one of the official hotels of RomeMUN 2019 in a double room with continental breakfast.

- Partial refund of the round-trip flight or train tickets for attending the conference, depending on the region you are travelling from.

The deadline for applications is 2 September, 2018 at 23:59 GMT-11. To apply you need to fill this form ( AND send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV and your cover letter. Remember that both steps are essential for your application to be considered.

The first selection will be based on received applications. Selected candidates will be contacted by mid-September to arrange a Skype call with the goal to get to know better the candidate, his or her motivations and experience.

Please take into consideration that you should not communicate with the Secretariat unless you have any doubt, as only the applications submitted through the form indicated above would be taken into consideration, NOT by email. However, if you want any clarification on the process or on any of the parts of the form feel free to contact the Secretary-General Pablo Sánchez Rodríguez.


Pablo Sánchez Rodríguez

Secretary-General of RomeMUN 2019

+34 685216118

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Internship at The Hague Conference on Private International Law


Don’t miss out on the incredible intership opportunity offered by the Hague and its International Private Law conference!


Organization/Company: With 81 Members (80 States and the European Union) representing all continents, the Hague Conference on Private International Law is a global inter-governmental organisation. A melting pot of different legal traditions, it develops and services multilateral legal instruments, which respond to global needs.

The statutory mission of the Conference is to work for the "progressive unification" of these rules. This involves finding internationally-agreed approaches to issues such as jurisdiction of the courts, applicable law, and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in a wide range of areas, from commercial law and banking law to international civil procedure and from child protection to matters of marriage and personal status.

Over the years, the Conference has, in carrying out its mission, increasingly become a centre for international judicial and administrative co-operation in the area of private law, especially in the fields of protection of the family and children, of civil procedure and commercial law.

Duty Station: The Hague, Netherlands    


Open to: The Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (the Hague Conference) seeks interns who, in the context of their degree studies or their doctoral research, wish to deepen their knowledge of private international law, understand how the Hague Conference functions and provide assistance in the work of the institution.


Timeframe: As a general rule, the duration of an internship is three to six months. However, the Permanent Bureau occasionally seeks candidates for shorter Internships; these missions de stage are devoted to a very precise task that can be completed quickly.        


Deadline: Not specified but all candidates should send the documentation and submit the application preferably six months prior to the desired starting date.

Description: Interns are required to:


  • carry out basic research on particular points of private international law or comparative law, relevant either to the operation of existing Hague Conventions or to the future work of the Hague Conference;
  • take part in the practical work of preparation for meetings (working groups, Special Commissions, Diplomatic Sessions);
  • carry out preparatory work of translation or documentary research in accordance with the needs of the lawyers of the Permanent Bureau.


Qualifications: The intern should speak at least one of the two official languages of the Conference, French and English. Knowledge of other languages is an asset.


Required documents: Any person interested in an internship at the Hague Conference should submit the following documentation:

- a curriculum vitae

- a letter of motivation

- a description of courses followed

- a transcript of academic records

- one or more academic references

- writing sample (an excerpt of any of your academic writings in English or French)


How to apply:

Applications, including all of the above-mentioned documentation, should be submitted by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , preferably six months prior to the desired starting date.

Interns are encouraged to investigate available funding within their university or from other public and private organisations (e.g., scholarships or internship placement programmes offered through their university, grants from research foundations, etc.).


Wage/fees:  Internships offered by the Permanent Bureau are not remunerated. The intern must meet all his or her own expenses during his or her stay in The Hague and pay travel costs.


Useful links: link all’offerta

link all’organizzazione


Contact information:

Permanent Bureau

Hague Conference on Private International Law

Churchillplein 6b


The Netherlands

Fax: +31 (0)70 360 4867


Edited by Christopher Allevi

The editorial staff of is not responsible nor liable for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.

On March 11th, in the stunning location of the “Auditorium della Tecnica - Confindustria” in Rome, the game has just started. All the delegates had the first glimpse of what their next days will be like thanks to the Opening Ceremony that hosted many important personalities, moderated by the Rome Business Game program director Dr. Luca Margo Giraldin von Lahnstein.

Some welcome remarks have been made by Dr. Fabio Bisogni, a Member of the Board and Delegate for International Relations of UNINT (Rome’s University for International Studies), Erino Colombi, the President of Tecnopolo (whose aim is to promote and requalify Rome’s industrial sector) and from the program directors Ebenezer Essilfie Nyame, Eleonora Mantovani (Rome Press Game) and Mahmoud Mansi (International Careers Course).

The different guests speaking offered a wide panorama of opportunities for both Italian and international delegates to improve their skills and create new opportunities of work and gaining experience in the international scenario.

As the first guest speaking, Italian plenipotentiary Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, who also joined the diplomatic Service of the NATO Organisation in 1991, Francesca Tardioli pointed out the need for youngsters to broaden and deepen the knowledge and experiences as soon as possible for them. Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs can help this thanks to the many scholarships and internships, such as CRUI’s (Conferenza dei Rettori delle Univerità Italiane – The Conference of Italian University Rectors). Of course, the majority of the people aims to apply for the Diplomatic Concourse in Italy, and the opportunities given are focused on the developing of the needed skills to work as a diplomate.

After the Minister’s speech, Ms. Monika Altamaier, FAO’s director of Human Resources talked about the problems that her organisation (and of course, all humanity) are facing, such as world hunger and need for drinkable water.

After this introduction, a video was played of 2014 with the UN internships applies. She then continued her speech reporting the many opportunities given to the candidates. According to her, to join an international career, the mobility is the key (as well as a good knowledge of at least two of UN languages): at the moment, more than 800 interns are working abroad for the organisation.

Apart from the “institutional” opinions and experiences, Eva Ratti, an Italian start – upper showed her way of thinking about the future of PhDs with her “Find a Doctor” start-up. She wanted classical and up-to-date methods of doing research to meet and work together. She gave to the audience some tips to enrich their curricula, following their personal interests and maybe study or work abroad, in order to open your mind and get in touch with different perspectives of the same topic. At the end of a PdD, the student (which actually has a salary while studying) will write a thesis, in which a new information is contained, so that other people can use the intuition coming from the student’s research.

To conclude the speaking guests part, Paolo Petrocelli, the President of Italian UNESCO Youth Committee that told the audience about his story and how this Committee has been created. It has been formed to support UNESCO’s mission, and nowadays more than 200 people are working on it, even in a volunteer participation, and every person has an age between 20 and 35 years old, which is not so common.

The main focus of the opening ceremony was to present the festival and all the collateral activities and simulations. The most important thing, as the guests repeated many times during their presentations is to enjoy what you do and follow your passions to cultivate your international career. This a really good start for a great experience!


Edited by TEAM 4 - Rome Press Game. Marco Rossetto

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