“If You are Not Curious, Just Don’t Become a Journalist”

‘If you are not curious, just don’t become a journalist,” so addressed Francesca Musacchio hundreds of aspiring students of journalism and communications who have travelled from around the world to attend the Rome Press Games.

Today Francesca Musacchio, the founder of a popular web magazine Ofcs.report, shares her vision of what it takes to be a real journalist. According to her, the magic recipe seems quite simple: an unquenchable thirst to know the world combined with the innate intuition to find where the potential news lies. Ms Musacchio stresses that her words are not meant to say that we need to be born journalists. On the contrary, we should learn the art of storytelling and constantly polish our skills. This, in fact, is what has brought hundreds of young people to the 8th edition of International Careers Festival: all pushed by the desire to learn, bring new knowledge into the society and tell the world.

Ms Musacchio represents the field of alternative kind of mass media, the “grey” area of web journalism. By now it has become common knowledge that the easiest way to reach the largest audience today is through the Internet, which is to some extent the main idea behind and the key function of online, or web, journalism. Nowadays, the Internet provides unlimited space to be filled with infinite contents but also strict competition. Ms Musacchio points out the challenge we face today which is to keep in sight the target audience, interested in certain types of news and looking for certain insights. We all want to make an impact and to do so, online journalists use all the means at hands, be it video, articles, social media or any other means of communication. Ms Musacchio concludes that in short online journalism is one grand experiment in creativity, It is a radically different type of journalism that has freed itself of the limitations and out-of-date regulations of the classical one.

In fact, Ofcs.report whose editor in chief is Ms Musacchio, is a great example of a prosperous enterprise in online journalism.  This weekly web magazine in particular focuses on the topic of security which unfortunately preoccupies ever more minds these days. The question at heart of Ofcs.report is: how secure do we feel about the world we live in, “the world of uncertainties and fears”? Ms Musacchio explains that security may seem a strictly political concept at first sight but in reality expands into all areas of our lives, ultimately concerning everyone and everything. Indeed, security reaches into economy, wellness, world heritage, culture, etc. The list of sub-topics is endless just like the opportunities to be creative, provided by online journalism, are limitless. Sure, at the moment Ofcs.report or any other web magazine can’t be of real competition to worlds’ news giants like BBC or CNN. Nevertheless, the online publication fills in the gap in the world of mass media communication, providing a space where the news meets profound editing analysis and reflection. It is a place where the news blends with the quality of thought.

Palina Viarbitskaya, Belarus

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