The 9th edition of the International Careers Festival 2018 kicked off in Italy’s capital Rome on Saturday 24th March 2018. The association Giovani nel Mondo has gathered millennials from around the world to participate in several simulations of careers facing intercultural encounter. Part of the games is the Model of the United Nations (MUN), which is considered as being the largest diplomatic simulation of the United Nations in Europe.

Within the RomeMUN are different UN commissions and amongst others the North Atlantic Council, the main decision-making body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Participants – called delegates in the context of the simulation – get a glimpse of how foreign policy and global diplomacy are executed. Secretary General, Hamza Naeem stated that although the North Atlantic Council at the International Careers Festival is a simulation, participants are having a great opportunity to express their opinion and gain useful new skills in reference of argumentation and debating. This year, the Council is discussing the assaults of September 11, 2001. During the time of the festival delegates hypothetically find themselves at the same day of the terrorist attacks in the United States. The Chairs, Hamza Naeem and Deputy Secretary General Mariana Trejo Schiefer lead the conference by chronologically revealing new developments of the crisis. To create an authentic situation the Council first held a general conference during which then the delegates received a message of the planes that hit the World Trade Center in New York. Since the United States are a member state of NATO, the attacks are of major concern for the North Atlantic Council and its delegates. Article 5 of the Washington Treaty claims that if it can be established, that an assault directed to a NATO member was coming from abroad, the Organization has to provide full assistance. The issue is that by that time nobody yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, which is a major obstacle for the NATO to react properly. Whether or not Article 5 could be invoked and the United States will be supported was part of today’s debates.

The participants were visibly keen on the topic discussed, handling the debates skillfully and professionally. Many claimed having a major interest in international politics which is why the North Atlantic Council simulation of 9/11 evokes enthusiasm among them.

By Kristina Seidel 

Team 3 , Press Game 


French Translation


Le samedi 24 Mars 2018 en Rome, la capitale italienne, la neuvième édition du Festival des Carrières Internationales 2018 a été entamée. L’association Giovani nel Mondo a attiré les jeunes du monde entier pour prendre part à beaucoup de simulations de carrières dans un environnement interculturel. Le Model of the United Nations (MUN) représente un des jeux de simulation, et il est considéré comme une des simulations diplomatiques les plus grandes des Nations Unies en Europe.

Le RomeMUN se compose de plusieurs commissions des Nations Unies, y compris le Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord, l’organisme plus important en ce qui concerne les décisions des traités de l’Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (OTAN). Les participants, en tant que délégués dans le contexte des simulations, démontrent comme la politique étrangère et la diplomatie mondiale fonctionnent.  Le Secrétaire General, Hamza Naeem, a affirmé que, malgré le Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord aux Festival des Carrières Internationales n’est qu’une simulation, les participants ont une excellente possibilité pour exprimer leurs opinions et pour développer des compétences nouvelles et précieuses en matière d’argumentation et de discussion. Cette année, le Conseil débat l’attentat du 11 Septembre 2001. Pendant le Festival, les délégués se sont hypothétiquement trouvés à vivre le jour de l’attaque terroriste contre les Etats-Unis. Le Président, Hamza Naeem et le vice-Secrétaire général Mariana Trejo Schiefer a mené la conférence en montrant chronologiquement les nouvelles évolutions de la crise. Au fin de créer une situation authentique, le Conseil à fait tout d’abord une Conférence générale pendant laquelle les délégués ont reçu un message des planes qui frappent le World Trade Center en New York. Etant donné que les Etats-Unis sont un Etat Membre de l’OTAN, les attaques enquêtent particulièrement le Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord et ses délégués. L’Article 5 du Traité de Washington prévoit que, si un Etat Membre de l’OTAN est attaqué, l’Organisation doit fournir une assistance complète. Le problème est que personne n’a pris la responsabilité des attaques, et donc l’OTAN ne peut pas réagir adéquatement. Aujourd’hui le débat est encore ouvert sur la possibilité d’invocation de l’Article 5 et de soutien aux Etats-Unis.

Les participants étaient visiblement intéressés au sujet traité, et le débat a été mené habillement et professionnellement. Beaucoup de personnes ont affirmé d’être très intéressés dans la politique internationale et c’est pourquoi la simulation du Conseil de l’Atlantique Nord du 11 Septembre 2001 évoque leur enthousiasme.


Sabrina Talli

Lucia Malacrinò

Translators, Press Game

How can simulation open doors to empathy and cultural diversity.

At 2018 International Careers Festival the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is giving a chance to young delegates to approach the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development, but above all, to grow as human beings.

The daily topics of April 24th 2018 have been “education for sustainable development”, “solutions for equal access to education”, “promoting knowledge about gender equality and human rights for global citizenship”: challenging concepts which though have not scared young participants.

“Education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world”, firstly declared Sweden delegate.

The general purpose of the organization is contributing to peace and security by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science and culture.
The goal for the young delegates is to represent their chosen country, to analyze, discuss and propose solution,
advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples.
The free flow of ideas, based on a background of study about the represented country internal and foreign affairs, lead delegates
to propose solutions, but most of all to embrace others point of view. The daily agenda is composed of 20 minutes sessions, in which either delegates are given one minute each, or groups of delegations with common interests gather together to find solutions.

George Emmanuel Tetteh, UNESCO Commitee chairperson, very happy about the session, declared: “Using an open speakers list each country has the opportunity to participate: everybody is given the same platform to speak. They are proposing their own topics to moderated and unmoderated caucus and that is what I like: they are rising their own opinion. They gather in coalition with the same point working together towards a resolution.”

A very interesting thing is that delegates are almost never representing their own nation. Beside the great importance of the topic discussed, this is actually the strongest and most interesting aspect of the simulation. Having their own cultural and political background they are taking the task to embrace other countries points of view, needs and goals.
How can it be trying to understand the issues of another nation, with all its complex aspects? The delegate of Israel, a thin and willful 20 years old girl from Azerbaijan, explained how she had to completely change her mind setting in order to understand the perspective of one of the most controversial country of the commitee. “I am from Azerbaijan, I am a Muslim and I come from a country which has been under occupations and in here I am representing Israel. I really have to practice my diplomacy and represent a country which has occupied other peoples territories. Sometimes you have to change your mental scheme in order to see the conditions in which you really are. It is important to change place, to understand, to put yourself in someone else shoes.” Changing your point of view? “My point of view? I changed my religion.”

This is the turning point of the commitee experience. While discussing very hard and considerable issues of the globalized world young delegates are learning to confront and question their own cultural horizon. This brings the simulation further: while brainstorming about shared solutions at the same time they cross mental, cultural and ethical boundaries.
Global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity turn then from ideals to practice, allowing young international relations students to test their working skills, but most of all their empathy and their multicultural inspiration. As the Latvian delegate declared “We need to invest in culture in order to invest in humanity”.


By Duna Viezzoli

Team 3, Press Game


How do you truly reach success? Is failing an obstacle or an opportunity to become who you always wanted to be?

“They should never be afraid of speaking, they should never be afraid of failure, because failure is part of success. Like, they try once, twice, thrice… they need to keep trying. And also, that they understand that this world needs them, that they can really make a change, even though they are young students […]”. This is the RomeMUN Program Director's advice to the 550 students gathered to the opening ceremony, which took place at LUISS Guido Carli University on Saturday 24th March. He invited the audience not to be discouraged if success doesn’t come immediately; it is something you can achieve after years, and obstacles and failures play an important role in that. Moreover, as already mentioned before, failure often may be a precious opportunity to grow as a professional but most importantly as a person.

The Program Director of RomeMUN, Mr. Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, talked enthusiastically about his past experience as a participant and now as a “Secretary-General”, and about what it means to take part in this event. During his speech he encouraged the young multicultural audience to be proud of their own roots and to love their own nation in order to give the best from their country when working in an international environment. In this way, everybody can learn to care about each language, religion and culture and to find solutions to global issues not by imposing their own point of view over the others’ one, and at the same time without being just bystanders.

This is exactly the purpose that RomeMUN aims to achieve through four days of diplomatic debates simulations. RomeMUN isn’t just a chance to discuss current international issues but also a way to challenge yourself and learn diplomatic skills including introducing yourself to public, being active during a debate, securing your argument and defending your own idea in front of an audience; all these are fundamental for the professional life. While underlining the importance of public speaking, he especially encouraged the young delegates to overcome the fear of speaking and above all the fear of failure.


We have to change the world with our thinking, our enthusiasm and our efforts. The International Careers Festival is a starting point to be more conscious of ourselves and to be aware of the power of our voice in helping others and making the difference in the future of our society.

Team 1 – Serena Campolo and Marta Cultrera

Published in Education

On the morning of March 24th 2018 the ‘password’ at the LUISS University in Rome is for sure ‘multiculturalism’. The entrance is swarmed with people from multiple nationalities, chatting together and getting to know each other. One of those who really stands out from the mass is Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, a 23-year-old economics student which, after years of attendance as participant, this time is going to fulfill the role of General Secretary of the RomeMUN. This event is Europe’s largest diplomatic simulation of the United Nations, where delegates from around the world meet and discuss about current international issues, with the aim of finding effective solutions to tackle these problems.

According to Jorge, the RomeMUN offers many young and passionate people the possibility to learn how to express themselves in public and how to debate, no matter how many mistakes they might do. Asked to give some advices to people wanting to pursue an international career; in fact, he suggests not to be afraid of failing, but on the contrary to try as many times as it is needed to achieve the best results.

As most of the people present at the opening ceremony, I particularly enjoyed the speech he gave, dressed in the traditional Mexican costume of the mariachi, talking loudly and moving his hands convulsively. He infected everyone with his charisma, at the same time being able to deliver meaningful and inspiring messages. First of all, Jorge explained what the terms inter- and multicultural signify for him; according to him, having a multicultural approach means being capable of travelling around the world, getting to know people from all over the globe, learning as much languages as possible, without however forgetting the place one comes from. As he himself admits, being dressed in the traditional costume of his country of origin is a way to honour his roots. He takes part in this Festival not only as a young person who wants to live an international experience and motivate other people to do the same; he is also in charge of proudly representing the country he comes from and of being the spokesperson of his compatriots. As Marcus Garvey once told: “A people without the knowledge of their past history […] is like a tree without roots”. Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia seems deeply believing in this quote. He is a living example of this way of behaving and he invites all of us to cross our mental boundaries and explore the unknown only after having gained the full knowledge of our origins. This is the unique way we have to really make a change in the world we live in.


Sonia Peratoner – Team 4


Russian Translation of Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia speech


Я одет в национальную одежду Мексики. И вы знаете? Неважно насколько далеко я от Мексики – я принадлежу Мексике. И ее частичка всегда в моей душе. Даже тот факт, что я покинул свою страну. не меняет этого.

И это то, для чего мы все здесь собрались, потому что я вполне уверен, что вы все гордитесь своей нацией точно также, как я горжусь своей. Неважно, из Италии вы, из Африки, из Океании или Америки, Латинской Америки, Северной Америки или из любой другой страны. Я знаю, что вы, как и я, гордитесь своими корнями, своим происхождением и своей нацией. Это нормально любить свою нацию, свои корни. Что ненормально – это пытаться изменить любовь других людей к своему государству. Если я хочу завоевать мир, я должен дать лучшее миру от своей страны. Я не должен пытаться завоевать другие страны своими идеями. Я должен уважать и интересоваться другими языками и религиями.

Это значит быть настоящим патриотом: любить свою страну и дать миру лучшее от своей страны.

Я считаю, что не просто принадлежу к одной нации, я человек мира. Мы все живем вместе на этой планете. Наш генетический код совпадает на 99,96 процентов, и это то, что рушит любые границы, стоит над происхождением и идентичностью. Это то, что заложено глубоко в нас. И это то, что мы должны помнить как представители человечества. И да, у нас у всех могут быть разные взгляды, но мы все братья и сестры на планете Земля.

И мы должны уважать это и должны сражаться за наших собратьев, у которых нет тех же возможностей, что и у нас. Я думаю у всех здесь присутствующих есть лучший шанс на жизнь. Если вы посмотрите на своего соседа, вы увидите в нем нечто больше чем национальность – вы увидите в нем ЧЕЛОВЕКА, что-то, что роднит вас - за что вы можете сражаться, за права людей, которые не могут говорить, не могут читать или писать.

Делегаты, преподаватели, послы, все присутствующие: добро пожаловать на International Career Festival 2018. И я вам сейчас скажу правду, которая может вам в начале не понравиться, но в конце вы все поймете. Вы не станете здесь богачами, эта конференция не имеет никакой политической поддержки, но что-то очень важное останется у вас в голове. Потому что вы знаете, что есть люди в этом мире, которые нуждаются в вас, и вы будете сражаться за это, и это самое лучшее, что дает это мероприятие: понимание, что есть за что сражаться, потому что множество людей, которые не могут сделать это сами, и мы должны помочь им в этом. И даже если вы попытаетесь забыть это – вы не сможете. Потому что раз есть люди, за которых нужно сражаться- есть смысл менять эту реальность.



Dear delegates, young leaders and munners from all around the world,
Cheers from mexico!


It is an honor for me to invite you to be part of the ninth edition of the Rome Model of United Nations, which is one of the biggest un simulations around Europe and the world.


A model of United Nations goes beyond a simple political simulation since it is a way to show young people around the world that someone, somewhere , needs them. In today’s society we need active changemakers who can understand that the privilege of having an education should be used to give chances and life opportunities to those who are born in difficult situations, also, we need to meet young leaders like us from all around the world in order to create a global network of leaders that can act together to fight the challenges of the 21st century.


In my 4 years of experience at romemun i have realized that our conference is not only enriched by the debates, but also by dialogue, social events, worlwide networking, and by the International Careers Festival which offers our delegates the chance to expand their academic experiences throught Europe and the whole planet.


I invite you to give us a chance. A chance to show you that an mun can go beyond the common expectations, that we can connect you with other leaders and dreamers from other continents, to let us expand your horizons, and to have fun while being a real changemaker. My team and i will be at your service in order to assure you a unique experience.


In order to find more, please do not hesitate to visit and ask any doubt you might have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sincerely yours,
Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia
Secretary General of RomeMUN 2018.

Join us at the International Careers Festival from the 24th to the 27th of March 2018 in Rome and be part of an amazing team of brilliant young minds, institutions, companies, NGOs, and international organizations


Organization: The Giovani nel Mondo Association is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization. The Association pursues educational and cultural, both international and national, goals; its primary focus is youth and young adults, ages between eighteen and thirty years old, to assist and accompany them on their education path and their professional, academic, and socio-cultural growth.


Duty station: Rome, Italy


Open to: students and fresh graduates


Timeframe: from the 24th to the 27th of March 2018


Description: The Festival is composed of four main projects from which participants can choose the one most suited to their academic background, professional aspirations or general interest.

The four projects are:

ROME MODEL UNITED NATIONS - Diplomatic simulation of the United Nations. Recommended for students of (or those interested in) international relations, diplomacy, political science, law;

ROME BUSINESS GAME - Simulation of business realities involving case study competitions. Recommended for students of (those interested in) economics, business, management, marketing, computer science;

ROME PRESS GAME - Journalism and media (web, tv, radio) simulation. Recommended for students of (or those interested in) communication, media, translation and interpretation, literature, philosophy;

INTERNATIONAL CAREERS COURSE - A guidance course filled with practical workshops for a successful international career. Recommended for students from any faculty/academic background.

There are a limited number of places for all four projects. In order to participate, you must complete the application form and pass the selection process.

Furthermore, the Festival has an area which is entirely open to the public: the International Careers Fair. The Fair is a large exhibition area open to both participants and the public alike. It will be divided into two different sections: the education/university area and the work/internship area. It favours the interaction between thousands of students, whether they are looking for study/training/internship/work opportunities, and industry experts.

Requirements: Students enrolled in the following programs can apply as participants for the International Careers Festival:

-High school students in their last two years;

-Undergraduate students;

-Postgraduate students;

-I or II Level Master’s students ;

-Students who have graduated (no more than a year after receiving their diploma);

-Doctorate students;

A B1 level of English (in accordance with the European standard) is required in order to participate in the Festival. As you complete your application form, you will be asked to upload a certificate or to take an online English test provided by our partner.

-Certificate: You will be asked to upload a certificate, whether provided to you from an English language institution or by a university, which proves your level of English, or;

-Online English test: Should you not have a certificate, you will have to take our online English exam (you will be able to access the test through the application form), which will take around 30 minutes. Once you have finished the test, the result will be sent to your e-mail address. You will then be asked to upload the result of your test as a screenshot or as a pdf to your personal account of the Festival's website.


Deadline: The following deadlines and requirements apply for all four projects of the Festival, that is, the RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game, and the International Careers Course.

December 15th 2017 - Deadline for scholarship applications

December 22th 2017 - First deadline for applications and admission tests

If there are vacancies after the first deadline, there will be a second deadline of January 26th, 2018.


Application process:

The application procedures are completely automatic and are as follows:

The APPLICATION and REGISTRATION of aspiring participants must be completed and submitted by the 22th of December 2017 (for students who need to pass the english test, we must also receive €15 membership fee by the same date);
If selected, candidates must complete the registration Form and at least make a first payment of €150 by and no later than 7 days after receiving the  acceptance e-mail (however no later than the 26th of January 2018);

The balance of the participation fee, for those registered by the 22th of December 2017, must be paid by the 26th of January 2018;
It is possible to apply for a scholarship before the 15th of December 2017 (Please note: the scholarship application is lengthy and does require time to complete. We suggest that all those applying for a scholarship complete the initial application form well in advanced to avoid missing any deadlines);


Useful links:

International Careers Festival






Application link

More than 800 young people were feeling excited for the opening ceremony of the International Careers Festival. Saturday morning the auditorium of “Confindustria” in Tupini street was filled with the energy of hundreds of students. Each of the eight speakers has explained something about his specific skills. Mr. Luca Marco Girladin von Lahnstein opened the ceremony. He also mediated and introduced the speech of Monika Altmaier director of Human Resources, Daniela Conte President of the Giovani nel Mondo Association, Ebenezer Esslfie Nyame Secretary of RomeMUN, Eleonora Mantovani Director of Rome Press Game, Paolo Petrocelli President Youth Committee UNESCO Italy and Eva Ratti Find your Doctor Founder. All participants had also the opportunity to listen to the speech of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Deputy Political Director Francesca Tardioli. The ceremony started with a street music band's show of the “Banda Garibaldina di Poggio Mirteto who played as first song the hymn of Mameli. «It was a great ceremony – says Valentina Di Bari, one of the member of “Rome Press Game” - even if longer than we thought. Probably was a bit difficult to follow each speaker all the time. In general there was lot of enthusiasm all over the auditorium. The most important thing that we understand is how many creativity and innovation there are behind the job you love». The participants asked several interesting things to understand better the speakers' skills and their job. One of the suggestions was to discover “who you are” in order to feel “who you want become”.


Students take the lead

Julia Gimatova, Floriana Canadè

March 11, 2017 – The Rome International Careers Festival opened its doors to hundreds of young talents from all parts of the world. The ceremony took place in Auditorium della Tecnica – Confindustria, Rome.

The sun was shining; everyone could feel the warm breath of spring. What a great time to start something new, explore new opportunities and meet new people with different visions. Students has come to Rome exactly to this end. The Rome International Careers Festival offered young people a possibility to take part in festival and explore new talents. Started with compositions of orchestra La Banda Garibaldina di Poggio Mirteto, the opening ceremony of the festival hosted prestigious guests who shared with participants their experience, emotions and passion. Truly, they became an inspiration for students.

Dr. Daniela Conte, the executive director of the Rome International Careers Festival, greeted all the participants and focused on the important issue of discovering personalities and true dreams. According to Conte, every student had to "challenge himself". "Take your time, you are young," she said, "Who are you? What makes you happy?". The festival was created in hope that every participant will find the answers to these crucial questions.

Francesca Tardioli, Italian Minister Plenipotentiary, emphasized the idea that every student had to start getting experience and new skills as soon as possible, starting from the choice which university to enter and what field to study. She explained that the festival was a place where every student could make a new step of professional growth. The Minister focused on the career in diplomacy and described the opportunities that Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered to young professionals.

Rino Colombo, the president of Tecnopolo, the company that enhances on industrial innovations, was glad to see a lot of young people, 'of different countries, with different visions'. He hoped that everyone would get "a luggage of experience".

If you were in the hall where the opening ceremony took place, you would be pleasantly surprised by interest and excitement of future diplomats, business professionals, journalists and translators. "It is the first time when I took part in such a huge international event," Fatima Chaker, Italian student, said, "I feel that this festival will help me to make the first step in my future career".

The Festival will take place during 4 days during which every participant would be able to take part in workshops, meet companies’ representatives and even get an internship or job offer.

The 8th edition of the event will take place in the heart of the Capital.. Do not miss it!


Registration for the Rome Model United Nations (RomeMUN), the greatest United Nations diplomatic simulation of Europe, are open. The flagship project of the International Careers Festival annually hosts thousands of students from all over the world, passionate delegates ready to test themselves and make their voices heard. To apply


The Model United Nations is a diplomatic simulation game in which delegates of Member States have to cooperate to find common and effective solutions in order to approve a certain number of resolutions. Learning by doing, which is the key to success of the event, is the main idea underlying the project and RomeMUN is structured to provide candidates with the opportunity to acquire practical skills by experiencing the complex and exciting world of the UN firsthand.


“Empowering Youth Through Dialogue” is the theme which will inspire the RomeMUNers from the  11th to 14th of March 2017 and focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In order to achieve this purpose, candidates are divided into seven different committees:


-              GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Plenary Session;

-              UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;

-              FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization;

-              SC – Security Council;

-              ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council;

-              UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

-              UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme


For further information please visit


The RomeMUN is currently in its 8th edition and over the years it has hosted around 8.000 delegates from all over the world with a staff of 1,500 people. More than 150 scholarships, the largest number of scholarships offered by any model UN in the world, are awarded by the Association to the most deserving applicants. High school students, college students, recently graduated students from around the world have the opportunity to interact with diplomats, international officials and NGOs. Considering its international importance, the event is sponsored by major institutions including the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN agencies IFAD and WEP.


Influential people such as Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, former minister of Foreign Affairs, José Graziano de Silva, general director of FAO, Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, have given presentations over the years, making the event a great opportunity for all participants to discover the secrets of international relations and diplomacy. Therefore candidates got the chance to receive advice and opinions from people deeply involved in the diplomatic and international world.


Also, all participants have the opportunity to attend other activities of the International Careers Festival and the chance to take part in stages and internships with NGOs and international institutions. The winners of our diplomatic simulation will be able to experience similar events in some of the most beautiful cities in the world such as Chicago, Barcelona, Goa and Beijing.

What’s new in this edition? Which influential people will we see on the stage of RomeMUN 2017? Don’t miss any updates and follow us on our website !







Giovani nel Mondo Association

Via Policarpo Petrocchi 10

00137 Roma – Italia


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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