by Virginia Dini


When I first read about the Festival, it was 2016. I remember thinking: why would I spend that amount of money just to follow some boring seminars and conferences?

I didn’t pay that much attention to it, until earlier in the autumn when I came across an advertising. It was the end of 2018 and so much had change in my life, my attitude and my goals. I remember browsing through the leaflet, getting more convinced each page I turned. I decided to give it a go, and confront myself with the world of journalism, video broadcasting etc. I needed to put myself out there in order to understand what I wanted, how I wanted, and if that world was meant for me.

I won’t lie. I was pretty scared when I jumped on the train to Rome and arrived at the luxurious location of the Sheraton Hotel. Such a fancy and refined place, yet so distant from my reality. I didn’t start to ease up till I met with my two roommates , whom like me, had had their fair share of ups and downs trying to reach the Hotel. It was instant complicity, It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one who was fearful and worked up.

The next morning we got divided into teams and thankfully mine had some incredible people, eager to learn and to test themselves, which gave me a boost of energy to go through the days.

Unfortunately it wasn’t just about our commitment. We had to confront ourselves with the logistic of it. How to meet the deadlines when an ambassador has gone “desaparecido” and all of your interviewers are busy?

I still cannot answer, I’m not really sure how I went through all of that. What I know is that I was completely thrown into an unknown world with little time to think and little time to collect my ideas. I might have not improved my writing skills, but I sure understood how it is to work under pressure, and what it means to be on the clock, a very quick one. I’ll go home with a suitcase full of complimentary toiletries, a little bit of residual stress, but a stronger and empowered mind.


Team 3 - Rome Press Game


by Fabio Balducci


My name is Fabio Balducci, I am 24 years old and I am currently studying Marketing and Digital Advertising at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UniMoRe). I am attending this two-year degree course after having graduated in Communication Sciences at University of Bologna-“AlmaMater Studiorum” in March 2017.

Last December I decided to take part in the International Careers Festival because I was willing to try a new experience and to do something different from my everyday life; basically, I was searching for a challenge which could allow me to display the knowledge and the skills I have been able to learn during my universitarian pathway. I paid the fees and I enrolled myself at the Press Game because I strongly thought it would be the most suitable project in order to match my attitudes and my interests. I have always been convinced of my choice, and on the very first day I was really astonished; on the opening ceremony there were world-class speakers, people from all around the globe and a brilliant, spontaneous enthusiasm. No sooner had the opening ceremony finished that we started our workshops in such an efficient way; the first team–work consisted in doing a brief interview and in checkin the editing of the filming (it was an extraordinary experience to me, because I am not used to interviewing people or editing video), while in the following days we attended very inspiring conferences held by notorious professionals of the world of communications and we had the opportunity to practice our language skills by writing articles and scripts for a radio podcast. Frankly speaking, I am definitely not sure if there is another worldwide event which is capable of making people belonging to so many different backgrounds work together with such a passionate, such a genuine spirit; maybe the question is not as complicated as we believe, because when young people from all over the world desire to cooperate and share the convictions about some fundamental, inalienable rights, then there cannot be racial or ethnical distinctions or rivalries, since the only point which separates an open-minded European student from an Asiatic peer relates to the different competences they possess.

I would like to continue to talk about that, but I am also aware of the need for synthesis, so I would like to speak out clearly and say that if we all do something for our planet and for the environment which surrounds us we can make the difference and we can reach unimaginable achievements as well; as it was stated by Al Pacino in his motivational speech at the end of the famous movie Any Given Sunday, “on this team, we fight for every single inch, because we know that when we add up all those inches, that’s gonna make the [...] difference between winning and losing, between living and dying [...] But I can’t do it for you [...] look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes, and you will see a man who will sacrifice himself for that inch”. In conclusion, a small contribution from anyone of us is something special, because it is the ideal realization of what we are in our heart of hearts; only if we stay united and, most of all, if we all pursue the same goals and the same objectives, we will build the foundations of our future and we will eventually be the captain of our soul, not just for a football game but for our entire life.


Team 2 - Press Game


By Annamaria Elia and Jasmine


As soon as he reaches the microphone, his energetic and vibrant personality catches the attention of the  entire audience. Lorenzo Fioramonti, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, takes the floor during the opening ceremony of the International Careers festival this morning and enthusiastically starts delivering his speech.

He stresses the importance of making the learning process fun in order to help students become better learners. In fact, he emphasizes the need to pursue our goals and to dedicate ourselves to what we are passionate about, as he already highlighted right before the ceremony during a quick interview. “Studying lots of things and doing what you love helps you grow,” he said.

In the past, he says, people used to believe that the future was linear and simple. However, he believes that nowadays it is impossible to think that way. Being flexible and thinking outside the box opens a lot of doors for a more exciting future. “Things are less predetermined than they were in the past,” he said, “pursuing your passion makes you better in whatever you do”. As a perfect example of this way of thinking, he brings up his life experience. He studied History and Economy and then he pursued a PhD in Political Science. As a girl in the audience noticed, he’s like a “mixed salad”.

In order to achieve what you want in life, you have to learn how to collaborate. We improve more from collaboration than from competition. In our world there are many challenges we have to face, such as migration, climate change and so on. Therefore, in order to solve complex problems collective organisms are in high demand. We have to count on our generation to change the mindset.

He also adds that we do not have to fear complexity or diversity. As it helps us tackle problems more easily, as there are several approaches to solve a single problem. “There’s not a single way to achieve happiness,” he said. Moreover, he explains that great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, went through hardships and insecurities, but those fears don’t have to be an excuse. We cannot stop pursuing our dreams just because we are afraid. “You can be a leader by being imperfect,” he says “you do not have to be special, you just

have to be yourself.” Society is constantly changing and we have to learn to adapt to it.

In conclusion, he recommends us to always fulfill what we stand for, and from the applause and the stares of the participants it is obvious his message will never be forgotten.


- Team 1 Rome Press Game

By Benedetta Sorgato, Justyna Groblińska


The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), created in 1945, is one of the six main organs of the United Nations. One of the actual tasks of ECOSOC is to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Therefore it aims to end poverty, to protect environment, to reduce inequality by improving health and education. The participation of the youth is indispensable in the accomplishment of these goals. The International Careers Festival 2019, in particular Rome Model United Nations, gives young people the occasion to simulate such this important committee and the possibility to come into contact with the above-mentioned global challenges.

The topic of discussion of ECOSOC committee during the International Careers Festival 2019 is ‘Efforts to Promote the Participation of Youth Organisations and Youth-led Initiatives in the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals’.

Mercy Waihuini, Wendy Waeni, Gloria Ngano delegates from Kenya strongly appreciate the

workshops held within the committee even if they didn’t expect to be a part of it. As young people, they are facing the problems mentioned in the ECOSOC programme. Therefore they took the opportunity of this event to discuss the problems such as the insufficient access to education or climate change. Among their solutions and requests for the near future there is a proposal of restoring the ecosystem and planting trees. Avoiding air pollution and persuading the factories to stop producing the harmful smoke are other recommendations that were suggested.

The three girls stressed the importance of education. This, in their opinion, is the real key to success. The committee is also dedicated to worldwide wellbeing and international cooperation in social and global issues. The delegates of the committee suggested youth unity and consciousness as a way of empowering their generation. They believe that young people truly can have a serious impact on the actual situation in the world. Owing to the constant acquisition of knowledge and youth solidarity without borders the dreams and plans of Mercy, Wendy, Gloria and their colleagues can become a reality.

Team 5 - Press Game 


By Kendall Shanks and Federico Iacopini


The Giovani nel Mondo Association hosts an annual career fair in Rome, Italy and this year the career attracted internationally recognized organizations, both for- and non-profit, such as the ONE Campaign, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The Career Festival is open to attendees of all
ages. University and study abroad organizations attract students, while NGOs and other organizations cater to those looking for job or internship opportunities.
The ONE Campaign, an international advocacy organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable diseases, attended the International Career Fair aiming to raise awareness of their campaign and mission. The outreach of the ONE Campaign is aimed at both students and professionals attending the career fair.
ONE Campaign representative Tommaso Rossotti stated that the International Career Fair is an opportunity to “bring [ONE Campaign’s work to fight HIV/Aids] into everyday conversations, so they care about us and they care about these topics.”
For those looking for internships opportunities, UNIDO’s stand at the career fair offered brochures and the chance to speak with supervisors that oversee projects in the Investment
Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Italy. The goal of the ITPO office of UNIDO is to “promote investment, technology transfer and capacity building activities towards developing countries,” according to Andrea Carapellese, a representative of the organization attending the career fair.

The international career course participants took the opportunity of the international career fair, both those looking for a university, as participant Erika Perini, who discover John Cabot University, or those looking for an internship, such as participant Niarivo Ifaliana. One of the most deserving association which is taking part in the fair is the EPSO-EU, that provides jobs for future employment in the European institution. EPSO-EU informs young
people of the possibilities for them to make the difference in a European context with their job as they are able to work side by side with people from around the world. “EPSO is offering work opportunities to young people,” said Ardita Osmani, a representative from EPSO. She also emphasizes the social part of the job. “If you are working for the European Union actually you are not working for just one nation but for all of them.” Osmani stressed the importance of being able to work with those of different cultures and with different communication styles, as they do within EPSO-EU as well as nearly all job fields and
The International Career Fair aims to provide participants with a view of the job and internship opportunities available for them, regardless of their background or age. The career fair is a quintessential part of the International Career Festival and a perfect way to round out the festival.


Team 5 - Press Game

By Virginia Dini


RomeMUN has reached its 10th edition. Together with the President and the Vice-President of UNHRC (United Nation Human Rights Council), in the luxurious  locations of the Sheraton Parco de’ Medici Chain of Hotels, youth from all over the world are reuniting to discuss the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and how it relates to the question of asylum laws.

FGM comprises all of the procedures that involve partial or total removal of external parts of the female genitalia, or other injuries to the organs for non-medical reasons. It is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. The question before the committee is tackling is ‘Can FGM victims claim rights to asylum in other States? What is the state’s responsibility towards asylum seekers?

Lots of motions were made. With only sixty seconds on the clock, delegates presented their proposed solutions and measures to end the practice. Most of the countries stressed the fact that education is the most important weapon to combat this complex phenomenon at its roots.

FGM originates from misbeliefs and superstitions rather than war or conflicts. In some African countries, the process is considered a purification and this is a portrayal of how the practice is perceived with respect to culture, and the unequal role of women in society.

Countries like Nigeria, Somalia, and Iraq have the highest rate of women who go through the cut and it goes without saying that poverty, lack of education, and this practise are highly linked.

Another important step towards understanding and dealing with this problem is data collection, as Spain and the Republic of Togo pointed out. The enhancement of data collecting systems is crucial.

The delegates of Argentina and Australia stated that it would be crucial to look at this with a financial point of view.  Even though both of the countries are not actually affected by the issue, they both are committed to grant asylum and provide capital to support asylum seekers financially and medically.

One of the main points that was emphasized was the need to create an integration plan for asylum seekers in host countries. This is because women encounter significant social exclusion and discrimination even after being granted asylum status. This would set the base for more accepting and prejudice-free societies. There are a lot of challenges that lie ahead, but collaboration is key.

- Team 3  - Press Game

MUN means "United Nations Model" and represents an educational and academic simulation of the diplomatic decision-making process. During a "MUN conference", students aged between 14 and 29 learn about diplomacy, international relations, the UN and other international organizations. Model UN participants include middle school, college and university students; MUN challenges its participants, called "delegates", doing research, speaking in public, discussing and writing skills, teamwork and cultural empathy.

The MUN participates in the International Careers Fair to be held on 11 and 12 March at the Sheraton Parco De 'Medici Palace in Rome. Registration for the Fair is free and you can apply by filling out the online form; in detail, the United Nations Model body will present a detailed presentation of the Organization, how it was born and how it has grown over the years, objectives and results.

For other similar opportunities visit the section International Organizations

The United Nations Model was born as a series of simulations organized and coordinated by the students, it is believed that the first MUN conference was held at the University of San Lorenzo from 11 to 13 February 1949. Its organizer was Dr. Harry Reiff, Head of the Department of History and Government, with the assistance of departmental colleague Otto L. George. Dr. Reiff was a technical advisor to the United States delegation at the 1945 San Francisco Conference (where the United Nations Charter was drafted) and a collaborator of the United Nations Conference of Organizations in London in 1945-46 (where it was founded the UN).

Over the years, these conference simulations have been perfected, they have spread to universities and have found various associations and companies willing to collaborate with partnerships.

Today the MUN experience consists of an educational simulation and / or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants to talk, discuss and write skills, as well as critical thinking, group work and leadership skills. The participants in the United Nations Model Conferences, known as "delegates", are divided into committees and assigned to countries with the task of representing them, or sometimes representing political figures operating in the sector. Delegates conduct research before the conferences and formulate strategies that they will then discuss with their fellow delegates in committee, remaining faithful to the real position of the member they represent. At the end of a conference, the delegates who have shown the best performances in each committee are rewarded.

In recent decades, the MUN model has spread to eastern and southern Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


Useful link

Official Website MyMUN

Discover the Blog con le esperienze dei partecipanti

Organize your MUN



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edited by Francesca Castiglione

The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.  

Do you want to start an International Career? If you want to know something more about our association activities visit the website

At its 10th edition, the International Careers Festival promises to be one of the most important international events in Rome in 2019, involving brilliant students ready to challenge each other in exciting simulations. Are you curious to find out what is the ICF all about? Read the experiences of those who have already participated in previous editions and cannot wait to get back on the game for this extraordinary 10th anniversary!

For many, the International Careers Festival is a unique opportunity to get involved and put into practice their academic knowledge. This is the case of Luca De Cristofaro, 22-year-old Italian-Brazilian student of International Relations at the Orientale University of Naples. Luca has already taken part to the RomeMUN 2018 and this year is also involved in promoting the event among his colleagues. "The RomeMUN? It's a bit like being at the Simulation Olympics, competing with participants from all over the world, with different backgrounds and cultures". Not only that, it is also an opportunity to refine both diplomatic and personal skills, "I have a fantastic relationship with one of the delegates with whom I had the most heated debates and I cannot wait to see her again at RomeMUN 2019!" Luca said.

The ICF has been a stimulating and revealing experience also for Francesco Merendino, a 21-year-old Sicilian student enrolled in the Faculty of Law of the University of Messina who sees his future in the international market. According to Francesco, the Festival is one of the best possible arenas to prepare for tomorrow's work challenges, although the greatest challenge is with oneself: "in a globalized world, if you want to emerge from the mass, you always need to test your own level!". But the Festival is also an experience that leaves a deep mark, "when I came home, I felt downsized: being in contact with peers from all over the world opened my mind, made me realize that many of my certainties did not have solid foundations: it was a great stimulus for me"

Finally, there are those who will participate in the Festival for the first time and are excited to meet other students coming from all over the world to take part in intense days of simulations, workshops, seminars and debates. This is the case, for example, with Úrsula and Yasmin, 19 and 20-year-old Brazilian students the University of Lisbon School af Law. Together with many other students from Portugal, they will represent their university at the Festival. For them, the Festival is a starting point to discover the different possibilities offered by the world of international careers and to get to know the points of view of their international peers about possible solutions to face the conflicts and challenges of our century. Both determined to pursue a career in the field of international law, they are enthusiastic about being part of such a big event "I believe the world is everyday walking towards unification and integration between nations, and I’d be glad to help that happen" Úrsula said.

What are you waiting for? Apply now for the International Careers Festival and get ready to live an unforgettable experience!

Per la sua seconda tappa il Carriere Internazionali in Tour organizzato da Giovani nel Mondo per la prima volta visita la città di Urbino, ospite dell'Università degli Studi di Urbino. Argomento chiave sarà l'Europa e tutte le opportunità che istituzioni ed enti offrono a studenti e neo-laureati. Un'occasione unica di incontro con orientatori e professionisti del settore per scoprire i segreti di una carriera di successo. Iscriviti ora!

Il tema di questo incontro riservato a studenti e neo-laureati è: Una Carriera Internazionale che parte da un Festival – La scelta giusta per il Tuo Talento.

Il Carriere Internazionali in Tour toccherà nelle prossime settimane le principali università d’Italia per orientare tutti gli studenti che vorrebbero iniziare una carriera internazionale. Durante il tour gli studenti avranno la possibilità di conoscere le concrete opportunità di accesso all’ambìto mondo delle carriere internazionali, incontrando da vicino figure diplomatiche e rappresentanti di grandi organizzazioni internazionali. Iscriviti qui!

La seconda tappa si svolgerà il 25 Ottobre presso l'Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo.


L’evento sarà anche un' occasione per presentare il Festival delle Carriere Internazionali evento di punta dell'Associazione Giovani nel Mondo.

La partecipazione all’evento è gratuita previa registrazione. Per iscriversi a questa tappa o alle successive si prega di compilare questo form

L’evento si svolgerà all'interno e in occasione del Career Day organizzato dall'Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo.

Il Tour nelle prossime settimane toccherà le seguenti città:









Per iscriversi a una di queste tappe compilare il form disponibile qui


Giovani nel Mondo Association

Via Policarpo Petrocchi 10

00137 Roma – Italia


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Per l'edizione 2019 tutti gli iscritti al Festival delle Carriere Internazionali avranno la possibilità per la prima volta di ottenere una certificazione linguistica ufficiale grazie al Babbel English Test organizzato in collaborazione con Cambridge!

Inoltre gli iscritti potranno accedere al test ad un prezzo super scontato! E tu? Cosa aspetti?

Babbel ha reinventato il modo di apprendere le lingue e lo ha adattato all’era digitale creando una app che vi permette di iniziare a parlare una nuova lingua fin da subito. Considerata la crescente importanza dell’inglese come lingua globale, non sorprende che molti tra l’oltre un milione di utenti a pagamento, scelgano di imparare proprio questa lingua. Per aiutarvi a certificare le vostre conoscenze linguistiche abbiamo quindi deciso di collaborare con Cambridge English, prestigioso punto di riferimento internazionale nella valutazione e certificazione della lingua inglese.

Il Babbel English Test in collaborazione con Cambridge English offre una certificazione economica, rapida e flessibile, che potrete portare con voi in ogni momento. Cambridge English è nota in tutto il mondo per l’offerta di esami d lingua validi e di alta qualità per tutti i livelli. Difatti, ogni anno, oltre cinque milioni di persone sostengono esami Cambridge, come lo IELTS o il FCE.

Ecco quattro motivi per sostenere il Babbel English Test in collaborazione con Cambridge English:

1. Il Babbel English Test offre flessibilità e libertà, a un prezzo ragionevole

La app di Babbel rende l’apprendimento delle lingue accessibile ed economico: il Babbel English Test in collaborazione con Cambridge English offre esattamente gli stessi benefici, ma nel campo della valutazione linguistica.
È stato creato dagli esperti in didattica delle lingue di Babbel e di Cambridge per aiutare chi sta imparando una lingua a testare le proprie conoscenze in modo semplice e intuitivo, senza restrizioni sul quando e, soprattutto, sul dove. Potrete infatti svolgerlo a casa, in ufficio o in qualsiasi altro luogo dotato di una connessione internet affidabile.
Molte persone trovano che sostenere un esame online sia meno stressante rispetto all’affrontare una prova classica in una scuola di lingue. Gli esperti in didattica di Babbel e Cambridge hanno creato questo esame proprio per venire incontro alle esigenze di questo tipo di studenti.
Il Babbel English Test include una serie di circa 70 domande per sessione d’esame, ciascuna delle quali e? volta a testare in vari modi il livello di comprensione scritta e orale; ci vogliono circa 45 minuti per completarlo.
Nonostante sia breve, il test vi fornirà rapidamente un’idea accurata del vostro livello di conoscenza della lingua. La prova si basa infatti sul Quadro comune europeo di riferimento per la conoscenza delle lingue (QCER), il sistema più utilizzato per descrivere le competenze linguistiche, sia in Europa che all’estero. Potete sostenere l’esame da casa o in ufficio, quando vi risulta piu? comodo.

2. E' incentrato su situazioni di vita reale e su conversazioni autentiche

Come il contenuto delle lezioni di Babbel, il Babbel English Test vi permette di acquisire la sicurezza sufficiente per usare le vostre competenze linguistiche nella vita reale. Proprio per questo motivo, gli esercizi di lettura all’interno del test includono, ad esempio, immagini di manifesti e segnali stradali; mentre gli esercizi di ascolto includono registrazioni di madrelingua che parlano con diversi accenti, trasmissioni radiofoniche e conversazioni realistiche.
Molti esami di inglese tradizionali si concentrano sull’inglese legato al mondo accademico o del business. Questo approccio può essere importante per chi vuole frequentare un corso universitario in inglese, ma per chi gia? lavora o ha semplicemente un interesse personale nell’imparare la lingua, la certificazione di inglese di Babbel è più appropriata e più utile.

3. Una prova della vostra conoscenza dell’inglese per la vostra crescita professionale

Oggi il mercato del lavoro è sempre più competitivo e una conoscenza base della lingua inglese viene richiesta per un vasto numero di posizioni. Distinguersi dagli altri diventa dunque essenziale per chi cerca lavoro. Molti candidati internazionali parlano bene l’inglese, ma quanti di loro possono fornire una certificazione che lo provi? Come altri esami messi a punto da Cambridge English, il Babbel English Test vi garantisce questo vantaggio.
I risultati del vostro test sono documentati su un certificazione ufficiale, che puo? essere presentata a potenziali datori di lavoro per provare il vostro livello di conoscenza della lingua inglese e che può essere inserita, in versione digitale, all’interno del vostro profilo professionale online.

Una qualificazione Cambridge English allegata al vostro curriculum o inserita nel vostro profilo LinkedIn, non è solo una prova del fatto che avete raggiunto un buon livello di inglese, ma dimostra anche a potenziali datori di lavoro che siete disposti a dedicare del tempo al miglioramento del vostro inglese e di altre conoscenze utili in campo professionale. Al momento, il test può certificare fino al livello B1 del QCER (intermedio). Non appena completerete il test, riceverete una certificazione con una vostra foto e l’indicazione del livello che siete riusciti a raggiungere. Come la maggior parte delle certificazioni Cambridge English, anche questa è valida a vita.

4. Un modo per provare il vostro livello di inglese a voi stessi

State seguendo un corso di inglese, usando una app per l’apprendimento delle lingue o siete semplicemente curiosi di testare quanto ricordate del semestre trascorso all’estero quando eravate all’università? Sostenere il Babbel English Test e? un ottimo modo di verificare il vostro livello attuale. Inoltre, alcuni studi hanno dimostrato che prepararsi per un test può essere motivante e avere persino effetti positivi sull’apprendimento. Oltre a darvi un’idea precisa del vostro livello attuale, il Babbel English Test vi motiverà dunque a continuare a studiare e vi renderà più sicuri nell’usare la lingua inglese nella vita reale. Grazie alla sua comodità e al costo ridotto, il Babbel English Test può essere anche sostenuto per verificare il proprio livello mentre ci si prepara per un esame particolarmente impegnativo o per decidere se vale o meno la pena di investire tempo e denaro in un corso di lingua, in una app o in altri metodi di apprendimento.


Per ulteriori info


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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