Come and discover more about the organizations that will take part in the International Careers Fair, a completely free event that will take place in Rome on 11 and 12 March organized by the Giovani nel mondo association, an association that for years has been committed to the promotion of activities for young people interested in emerging in the broad scenario of international relations.

Do not waste any more time, here you can find the link to register for free to the International Careers Fair: Form


For more opportunities go to: Education

University of Insubria was founded on the 14th of July 1998. It is a public, modern and dynamic university located in Como, Varese and Busto Arsizio.


The mission of the University is to provide high quality education and high quality facilities in a student-friendly environment, combined with high level research, performed by international groups to develop cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. The main goals achieved concern achievement of high quality education to develop key competences for entering the national and international job market and also a top level research in national and international groups and in inter-disciplinary fields. The university of Insubria is also engaged in a third mission activities to facilitate engagement with industry, schools, and society. 


The university has achieved very positive results in the 2018 survey carried out by Almalaurea regarding the employment rate one year after graduation.

The degree programs are very diversified: they range from life and environmental sciences to science & technology area, from healthcare to economics and law. The excellent professor-student relationship favors high quality education, attention for each student and the enhancement of personal relationships.

- 7 departments, over 11,000 students, 362

22 bachelor degrees

- 3 single cycle degrees (1 with double degree)
- 12 master degrees (7 with double degree)
- 9 masters
- 8 PhD programs
-  4 libraries
- more than 150 partnerships for international mobility
A number of degree programs include double degrees with prestigious foreign universities. Moreover, there are some innovative education programs by which you can acquire two master degrees (for example in Law and in Economics) with a reduction of the time normally required (6 years instead of 7).

The degree programs are available here: Degree Programs


Enrollment procedures

Enrollment procedures and documents to be prepared are different depending if you are a EU citizen or a non-EU citizen. Details are provided via the website.


Free access first cycle degree and single cycle master degree programs (Bachelors and Master in Law)

Students willing to apply to such programs have first to register on-line; then, using the assigned credentials, students are required to fill the on-line application. Enrollments period, normally, lasts from August to September.


First cycle degree and single cycle master degree programs with limited enrollment with admission test

Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Movement Science and Healthcare professions are degree programs with limited enrollment with admission test. The Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) establishes specific deadlines and procedures, that are published by the end of February. The tests are normally scheduled for the beginning of September.


Other first cycle degree programs with limited enrollment Some degree programs of the University (Interlinguistic and Intercultural Mediation, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences) accept applications following the chronological order of presentation, according to the deadlines and procedures available on the University website.


Would you like to know more about the degree programs and discover more about double degree and international programs offered by The University of Insubria? Come to University of Insurbia stand at the International Careers Fair.


See you in Rome the 11th and the 12th March at the International Careers Fair!


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Vieni a scoprire qualcosa di più sulle tante organizzazioni che prenderanno parte alla Fiera delle Carriere internazionali, evento completamente gratuito che si svolgerà a Roma l’11 e il 12 marzo, organizzato dall’associazione Giovani nel mondo che da anni si impegna per la promozione di attività per i giovani interessati ad emergere nell’ampio scenario delle relazioni internazionali.  


Non perdere altro tempo, qui puoi trovare il link per iscriverti gratuitamente alla Fiera delle carriere internazionali: Form di iscrizione


Per altre opportunità simili visita la sezione Organizzazioni Internazionali


Scopriamo insieme qualcosa di più sull’UNHCR:

L'ufficio dell'Alto commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i rifugiati (UNHCR) è stato creato nel 1950, all'indomani della seconda guerra mondiale, per aiutare milioni di europei che erano fuggiti o avevano perso le loro casa. Oggi, 68 anni dopo, l’ organizzazione è ancora al lavoro e protegge e assiste i rifugiati in tutto il mondo. Nel 1954, l'UNHCR vinse il Nobel per la pace per lavoro fondamentale svolto in Europa.

L'inizio del XXI secolo ha visto l'aiuto dell'UNHCR nelle principali crisi dei rifugiati in Africa, Medio Oriente e Asia. All’UNHCR stato anche chiesto di usare la propria esperienza per aiutare molti sfollati interni dai conflitti e ampliare ruolo nell'aiutare gli apolidi.

L'UNHCR ha ora più di 16.765 dipendenti. Lavora in un totale di 138 paesi e il budget, che nel suo primo anno è stato di $ 300.000, è cresciuto fino a $ 6,54 miliardi nel 2016.

Nel 2015 ha festeggiato il 65 ° anniversario. Durante la sua vita, l’UNHCR  ha aiutato oltre 50 milioni di rifugiati a ricominciare la loro vita con successo.

Lo scopo primario dell'UNHCR è quello di salvaguardare i diritti e il benessere delle persone che sono state costrette a fuggire. Insieme ai partner e alle comunità lavora per garantire che tutti abbiano il diritto di chiedere asilo e trovare rifugio sicuro in un altro paese.

Per oltre mezzo secolo, l'UNHCR ha aiutato milioni di persone a riavviare la propria vita. Includono rifugiati, rimpatriati, apolidi, sfollati interni e richiedenti asilo. La protezione, il rifugio, la salute e l’istruzione sono stati cruciali, curando il passato infranto e costruendo futuri più brillanti.


Allora cosa aspetti? Stampa il tuo CV  e portalo alla Fiera delle Carriere Internazionali l’11 e il 12 marzo a Roma! Non dimenticare però di iscriverti gratuitamente compilando il form d’iscrizione! Avrai l’opportunità di entrare in contatto con questa e molte altre organizzazioni dinamiche e multiculturali! E ricordati che l'UNHCR offre diverse opportunità, dai un'occhiata qui: L’UNHCR è alla ricerca di un Social media Officer!


My name is Gloria and I am 24 years old.

I have a degree in Political Science and International Relations and have always had a strong passion for the world of human rights, international cooperation and international affairs. Since I started my studies, I have often consulted the website to stay updated on the available opportunities and on the requirements in the international careers field.

In 2015 I decided to take part in the renowned United Nations simulation Rome MUN organized by the Giovani nel Mondo association. It was an unforgettable experience that, in addition to giving me training on the procedures, the debate and the drafting of UN documents, led me to create friendships, also at international level, with the other participants in the simulation. Friendships that I cultivate until today.

Over the years, continuing to study for exams I have never stopped looking for opportunities for growth and places to learn and practice what I learned at university. That’s why after a long experience in volunteering, I decided to put myself to the test and I joined the wonderful staff of

Working for Giovani nel Mondo allows me to test myself daily putting into practice a variety of skills that I learned in my studies, but also to develop additional skills with the careful supervision and training of the staff.

I am extremely happy to be able to live this experience by giving my best because I know the difficulty of inclusion in the international environment and of the research itself of the opportunities that this environment can offer. I used to consult myself, now you can find me on the other side of the screen!


My name is Sara Girelli, born 23 years ago under the sign of the virgin. A year ago I decided to leave everything and go to live alone, I moved to Rome, where I worked and currently I study.
I attend the three-year  International Cooperation and Development course at La Sapienza University.

Almost at the end of my university career, I started looking for a curricular internship to put a little practice into all these years of study. 

My desire was to become part of a dynamic group, with stimulating projects, that would give me the chance to get involved, mature on the field and grow professionally.
Almost by chance I came across the association Giovani nel Mondo, I immediately shared their grit, organized events and ideas that put young people all over the world at the center in a mix of culture, education, work and many other opportunities.

Currently I am part of the editorial staff  of the web site, where I have the opportunity to learn how to use an online platform, get to know international organizations, non-profit organizations and much more, in a professional environment but also free and carefree. I am very happy to be able to contribute to young people like me looking for a future.

I am Amantia Bali, born and raised in Tirana, for 2 years I moved to Rome for study reasons.

In 2010 I graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations in Tirana, and I have done several work experience such as traineeship at the Albanian Ministry of Defense in the field of NATO integration, then Associations with objectives the Training of young students in foreign Universities. Being always looking for new opportunities, I found myself working in TV stations and also newspapers, among which "Arberia News" an online journalistic magazine formed by a group of young idealist journalists with the aim of writing only true information to all and being in service of our community. Thanks to these experiences I really understood what I want to do in the future and the contribution I want to give, hopefully , on a global level. I am currently attending the course on "Media, Digital Communication and Journalism" at Sapienza University of Rome, and I am currently working as an editor at the Giovani nel Mondo Association. I believe in the future of all of us, and from experience I understand how important the role of association as ours is to help students and new graduates to find their own professional path. It was easy to get in touch with the Youth in the World Association because they are everywhere and always available to help you start your career. In this regard they gave me their trust by entrusting me with the job of the editor where every day we are looking for new opportunities for all of you. One of our important projects is also the organization of the Careers Festival in March where we are expecting everyone to be part so can take a close look at our amazing work.

My name is Francesca, I’m 25 years old and I live in Rome. I chose the linguistic subject for my studies because I think languages are very interesting in everything that concerns them, starting with the comparison of linguistic systems. I studied at Roma Tre and I graduated in March 2017 in linguistic-cultural mediation in Portuguese. During my years at the university, I studied different subjects, passing from the practical study of language (English and Portuguese) to the theoretical one, based on language development over the years. From this study of linguistic change over time I decided to specialize in the audiovisual translation. Nowadays, television and cinema are integral parts of our life and sometimes we passively watch a product without thinking that it’s something translated for our Italian audience. Having told that, I wanted to challenge myself by studying audiovisual translation, I mean, what is in the background of a film, how a film born, a television series, a documentary..The idea that thanks to me the original language content can be accessible to everyone is what brings me forward in my studies. . I obtained my specialization in “translation and adaptation of audiovisual works for dubbing and subtitle” by attending a Master’s degree at UNINT, University of International Studies of Rome, and thanks to my university I had the opportunity to access this internship in the drafting of International Careers. Working in this environment with peers is absolutely stimulating; by working the drafting of articles I learned a technical section which I didn’t know, Web platforms and Social programming. Translating and drafting the various offers in Italian and/or English is an opportunity for me to be always updated about the positions sought by companies and I have the opportunity to apply myself.

My name is Valentina Foscoli, I'm 23 years old and I became a Roman girl due to university.

I come from a small town in the Umbrian hills where there is not much talk about international careers, but in Rome I started to be part of this fascinating world and so I launched myself into the adventure of the internship with Giovani nel Mondo and its information portal Carriere Internazionali.

I graduated last year at the University of Studies of Roma Tre in languages and linguistic-cultural mediation with English and Arabic and now I am in my second year of the Master's Degree in Interpretation at the University of International Studies in Rome - UNINT. I was in Erasmus in Manchester in 2016 and I returned with a great desire to leave again so at the moment I'm looking around to understand what I could and I'd like to do after finishing my studies.

That's why I came into contact with the Carriere Internazionali website: I was looking for a first approach to the world of work, and now I'm here as an active member of the editorial team, to give my contribution so that other guys like me can find an inspiration or why not, a true work experience or a training one both in the national and international context.

Becoming part of the editorial team meant for me to become part of a group that works with maximum cohesion to make a service that is fundamental to young people who (literally) all over the world look like me to the world of work. But I must say that it also means becoming aware of all the opportunities we can have if we are able to get to know them and really enjoy them.

After all this is what we do in the editorial office: make it easier for everyone to choose the future they like the best, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered. I know that this seems obvious, but my own experience has taught me that going into the tide of websites of corporations, institutions and companies around the world can be extremely daunting, so if you want to see what we do, stop by our page and maybe you will find your inspiration!

Hi, my name is Eleonora and I’m 23 years old. I live and study in Rome and I’ve always been in love with languages: I’ve studied languages both at High School and at University. 

One year ago I graduated in Languages and now I’m attending the second year of a Master degree in Languages for the Interpretation and the Translation. In particular, I’m studying English, Spanish and Arabic.

Thanks to my university I’ve had the possibility to meet the Giovani nel Mondo association, specifically through the International Careers Festival: a networking experience that every year takes place at UNINT university where you can meet ONGs, international organizations, institutions, companies, etc.

That’s why as soon as I read about the internship, as a member of the editorial staff at Giovani nel Mondo Association, I’ve applied to: in this way I’d have the possibility to personally create and update their website through which lots of young people can find internships and jobs. 

Being a member of this editorial staff is a really great training experience, not only because you are part of a working group that helps you growing from the professional point of view, but also because you can personally meet different associations through all over the world, you learn how to find and choose the right internships and job offers and it’s nice to know that you are helping girls and boys like myself to find their best fitting training experience.

I’ve started this internship just two weeks ago, but I know I’ll learn a lot and I’ll do my best to help this association meeting its goals.

My name is Maria Luisa I'm 22 and I'm from Rome. Determined to undertake an international experience and to improve my English, after finishing high school I decided to move to London to attend a University course and I graduated from Queen Mary University of London in July with a degree in Politics with Business Management. During my three years of university, I tried to get involved in numerous university activities that enriched my experience such as volunteering work, cover roles of responsibility and become president of the Queen Mary Business Management Society and participate in several Model United Nations in London and Oxford. Before starting my Master course, I decided to take a "gap year" and do some work experience, which is necessary for students and new graduates before entering the job market. I decided to apply for an internship and become part of the editorial staff of International Careers because having a passion for writing since I was a child, I wanted to try an editorial experience and because I was interested in the idea of working at a website where are published job offers for young people from all over the world who would like to start an international career. Indeed, having experienced how difficult it is to find international opportunities suitable to your profile, I was attracted by the idea of contributing to the creation of a website that wants to facilitate this process. In my work as an editor, my main duties are researching job offers proposed by multiple institutions, which in the website are divided into the categories of International Organizations, Europe, Education, Other Opportunities and Cooperation and drafting articles in Italian and English where these offers are published. Certainly, this experience is helping me to improve my writing and research skills. It is also allowing me to learn how to use web platforms and to become more aware of the requirements needed to start an international career.

My name is Lorenza and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Rome but I studied Political Science and International Relationship in Milan, at Catholic University of Sacred Heart. Lot of people ask me why I chose to go to Milan even if I lived in Rome. My answer to this question is: go away from my city, my home was the best way to me to became an adult and grew up, find in this way my independency. After I graduated I returned in Rome to find a relevant job experience related to my University course and improve my CV and my skills in the world of work. International Careers was the first website I found and it gave me a lot of possibilities like stages, jobs, volunteering and so on, all in fields of my interest. One day  by clicking on "stage" on the page of the site, the first offer concerned an internship at the editorial office of the International Careers. The offer was open to young people who are interested in the world of non-profit and communication and for me was perfect. I did the interview and few weeks later I had entered in the International Careers team. I think this is a great experience for me, where  I really have the possibility to learn how this world, that interests me so much, is working and understanding what it takes to become part of it. My interest at the moment is to do some experience while I’m working as waiters in a restaurant to put some money apart and while  I’m studying English with the purpose to go abroad for a Master that will allow me, in future, to enter in a NGO or in an International Organization so that I can play my part in this world.

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