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Giovani nel Mondo Association will guide you!

As the sun shines, Rome welcomes the International Career Festival Fair 2017. The fair will be in place from the 13th to the 14th of March. Don’t miss out!

This morning hundreds of students both from high-schools and universities lined up in front of the UNINT (University of International Studies of Rome), waiting for the fair’s doors to open. Students are full of vibrant expectations concerning  prompts and opportunities  that the non-profit organization  Giovani nel Mondo has organized.

Let’s take a step back to understand what and who we are talking about. Giovani nel Mondo Association pursues educational and cultural goals at the national and international level. Its primary focus is assisting and accompanying youth and young adults, between eighteen and thirty years old, on their educational path and encouraging their whole growth.

The  two-day-fair  hosts more than 50 stands varying from universities such as the University of Padova to non-profit organisations such as Amnesty International and WWF, united by their mission to inform young people about what opportunities they have on offer. As the representative of Amnesty International Marek Rembowski explained to us, their purpose at the festival was to give young people an insight as to the ambitious work that is at the root of the organisation as well as possible internships.

An ambitious project which finds its core uniqueness in the capacity of combining organizations that operate at an international level as well as locally. Such a varied event is a rare chance that must be awarded for attempting to build a bridge between the education system and the world of work. Often this is the hardest hurdle to overcome as a young person trying to find their way in the world, it is for this essential reason that a fair which enables greater communication and guidance during this time is necessary aid.

The CEO and executive president Daniela Conte, who assisted  the fair, discussed the main goal of the Fair that consists in filling the gap that emerges between theory and practice which is the University-Work  dilemma. 

So start building that bridge! What are you waiting for?

Shanthi Kodituwakku and Eleonora Orso, Team 2

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