ICF introduces the International Careers Course 2020 Program Director, Diego Battistessa

Welcome you, dear future participants of the International Career Course 2020

I'm very excited to invite you to join this opportunity to train yourself as a professional and as a human being. Be part of this experience will give you a new great opportunity to prepare and adequate your professional profile for the challenge of the future international career that is waiting for you. 

Networking hub, softs skills, hard skills, knowledge, intercultural context, out of the box thinkers: all of that and more is what you will found in this young human surge reunited in Rome and committed by an ideal of common better future. 

During the days of the course, you will able to meet with teachers, coachings, and professionals that will allow you to improve your skills and fully understand the dynamics, the rules, and the world labor context to start a gratifying international career. 

The context of the International Careers Festival offers us the possibility to link, build new partnerships and share our feelings, ideas, and path. It is not just an international course, it is not just an international meeting. It is a great opportunity to listen, to learn from others point of view and to imagine ourself in different challenges around the world. 

To start an international career path, commitment and training are needed, also are talent and capacity to adapt yourself to different situations. But this experience will give you more than lessons, more than advice and good practicing. This experience will give you a chance to allow you to imagine a new version of yourself. A better one.

Remember what Ben Herbster said: "The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become." 

We look forward to meeting all of you in march  2020. 

Lets new path begins!

Diego Battistessa
Director, International Career Course 2020

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