Apply for the international Master-GESAM offered by the Ca’ Foscari University

The Global Economics and Social Affairs Master - GESAM is an international course organised by the outstanding University Ca’ Foscari in the enchanting frame of Venice.

The GESAM focuses on global economic topics such as: International Management, Political Economy; and legal disciplines regarding global affairs through which students will acquire business, managerial skills as well as key competences in legal systems at a global level.

The educational programme is intensive and based on a transversal approach to learning combining theoretical lessons and work experience. The last one-week module consists of a Summer School at the ILO in Geneva, lessons and seminars are given by experts of the ILO, there students will have the chance to visit the major International Organizations (WTO, UN). Moreover, the students enrolled in the programme will have the chance to attend a 3 month internship in Italy or abroad at one of the institutional partners; a great opportunity to gain access in the labour market and to experience the higher level organisations.

Master GESAM is organized by Ca’ Foscari University closely supported by some international organisations, i.e. the International Labour Organization based in Geneva.  The application is open until the 15th October 2018.

The fifth edition of the Global Economics and Social Affairs Master (GESAM) is a one-year, first-level international Master degree programme, taught entirely in English, and it is a full-time programme for 7 one-week modules at Venice Ca’ Foscari University, from February 18th to April 5th, 2019.


To introduce you the GESAM, here below you can read an interesting interview to one of the past students, Ginevra, enrolled in the previous edition. Take few minutes of your time, and go through this interesting personal overview


D: Why did you choose the Master Gesam?

R: I chose the Master Gesam because after having obtained the Bachelor Degree I was doubtful about whether to continue my studies with a Master’s Degree or I would prefer a more concrete educational path to an academic one; furthermore, I was unsure about the specialisation to undertake; for these reasons the I was attracted by the multidisciplinary aspect of the Master GESAM and I chose it.


D: In your opinion, was it useful to follow the Master entirely in English?

R:Yes, personally I think it is an added value, nowadays the knowledge of English is essential and follow lectures in English is truly one of the best way to become acquainted with this language.

D: The Faculty Commitee consists of University professors, of Officers of Non-Governmental Organizations and Institutions and Technicians, both national and international, experts in the economic, legal and social fields. Would you share with us the most positive memory fixed on your mind about a lecture in class?

R: I remember when one of my colleagues asked to a professor of the ILO International Training Centre how is scheduled a typical day of an International Organization Officer. It impressed me that the professor was not at all embarrassed by this kind of question, actually, he was glad to answer. All lecturers, we had, were always very open and available to clarify any kind of question, doubt or to give us further explanations and this, in my opinion, is essential to better understand each topic and to establish a more sincere and direct relationship with people expert in the field.


D: What about the Summer School experience in Geneva?

R: Definitely a fruitful and interesting experience. On the one hand visits and courses at the International Labour Organization allowed students to be part of a real international institution and to have direct contact with its members. On the other hand Geneva is certainly a global hub for those who aim for an international career, therefore it was very stimulating to have the chance to visit such a city.


D: Thanks to the Master GESAM students are offered the opportunity to apply for an internship in several working environments, in Italy or abroad, at NGOs, Research Centers, Enterprises, Banks, Institutions, in order to create a suitable solution tailored to the needs of each student. How was your internship experience?

R: I’m currently doing a three-months internship at a Research Centre on climate change, because the courses of the Master on sustainability really fascinated me. I was curious to experience the reality of a research centre and understand the various aspects of climate change issue, so I’m pleased to have chosen this opportunity.


D: Who would you recommend to enroll in the Master GESAM?

R: I would recommend this Master to people, like me, who wonder whether they should undertake an academic or working career, because GESAM programme offers a variety of lecturers in different disciplines: law, economic, social rights and even scientific.


D: What are you in now?

R: I’m currently working as an intern, however my next step will be enrolling in International Relations, hoping to start an international career.




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