The International Refugee Center of Oregon - IRCO - is looking for motivated a intern and volunteer to support with the organization of the IRCO Summer School. It is certainly you the right person for this amazing and educational experience so have a look at the position and book you tickets to Oregon

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Organization/Company: International Refugee Center of Oregon - IRCO 's mission is to promote the integration of refugees, immigrants and the community at large into a self-sufficient, healthy and inclusive multi-ethnic society. Founded in 1976 by refugees for refugees, IRCO has over 40 years of history and experience working with Portland's refugee and immigrant communities. Following the 1970s political upheavals in Southeast Asia, Oregon and Washington were two of the first states to offer new opportunities and homes to refugees. A group of Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian refugees in Portland formed the Indochinese Cultural and Service Center (ICSC) to help newly arrived families adjust to American society and find jobs. Youth Programs ensure that students (ages 6+) receive a quality education to overcome the obstacles that perpetuate inequality and poverty. From one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, academic advocacy and after school activities, to gang prevention and intervention for at-risk youth, IRCO provides culturally and linguistically specific support to help close the achievement gap, improve 3rd grade reading, ease middle school transitions, and increase the number of youth graduating from high school and pursuing college or career opportunities.


Duty Station: Various schools in Portland, Oregon and other locations


Open To: volunteers 18 years of age and over


Timeframe: Mon-Thurs 8:30am – 2:30pm for 4 weeks in July. The intern it is expected to work 20-30 hours per week


Deadline: not mentioned


Job description:  IRCO summer school gives immigrant and refugee youth time to practice their literacy and math skills while staying active and having fun in a safe, culturally specific environment. This volunteering position is inside the IRCO's Youth Programs. The activities for this position as an intern for IRCO’s Summer School will be the following:

- assist bilingual, bicultural IRCO staff inside and outside the classroom

- helping students during learning activities, games, sports, meals, and field trips


Qualifications: the qualifications requested are mainly having previous experience with:

- tutoring

- teaching

- classroom assistant, or summer camps preferred but not required

- knowledge of Arabic, Burmese, Cantonese, Chuukese, Karen, Mandarin, Nepali, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tongan, Ukrainian, or Vietnamese a plus


Wage/Fees:  not mentioned


Application process: to apply for this position as an intern and as a volunteer for IRCO Summer School it is necessary to follow the link to all positions page, look for the position title NEW! IRCO Summer School Interns (multiple locations) and click on the Apply Here button to send you application


Useful links:

volunteer agreement

link to the position page

all positions page

Contact information:

- Main Office

10301 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220

(503) 234-1541

- Africa House

631 NE 102nd Ave Portland, OR 97220

(503) 802-0082

- Asian Family Center

8040 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97213

(503) 235-9396

Senior Center

10615 SE Cherry Blossom Dr. Portland, OR 97216

(503) 484-6371

- International Language Bank

10301 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220

(503) 234-0068

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The United Nations Volunteers Programme offers incredible opportunities in various and different fields


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Organization/Company: The United Nations (or UN)  is an intergovernmental organization established in 1945 by 51 Member States. Nowadays the UN is formed by 192 Nations. The UN works on four main functions: keep the international peace and security; develop friendly relations among Nations; cooperate in the solving of global problems and in the promoting of human rights; represent  a center for several national initiatives. UN is structured in several agencies and organizations aimed to support development, human rights, health all over the world with a particular attention to conflits areas and peace-keeping operations. 


The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) is a program which aim to spread peace and development all around the world through volunteerism. Online Volunteering, by using any device, helps the volunteers to find and address all the problems related to human exploitation, hunger and wars


Duty Station:  Various Countries and remotely


Open To: Everyone who fulfils the qualifications


Timeframe: Every offer has a different timeframe


Deadline: Open


Job description: The UNV Online Volunteering service connects organizations working for the Sustainable Development Goals with volunteers eager to contribute to global progress using their time and skills online

The sectors are:

- Translation

- Writing and editing

- Art and design

- Technology development

- Project development and management

- Research

- Teaching and training

- Leadership & strategy

- Outreach and advocacy

- Community organizing

- Event organization

- Volunteer Management

Every sector ha different duties


It’s important to have:

- Access to the Internet and the right tools. You’ll need reliable Internet access, as well as regular access to a communication device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer

- Time. Decide how much time you can realistically devote to your online volunteering activities. Once you select a daily or weekly time range, you’ll be counted on to honour your commitment

- Availability. You’ll need to make yourself available for any teleconferences, meetings or check-ins required by the organization for which you’re volunteering


Qualifications:  Every sector require different qualifications


Wage/Fees:  Not specified


Application process:

-  Register as a volunteer with the UNV Online Volunteering service

- Once registered, you can start searching for opportunities right away. Apply for all those that interest you

- The organization offering the volunteer opportunity makes its selection from among the applicants. If you’re selected, congratulations – start making a difference right away

- Once you’ve completed your assignment, submit a feedback form telling about your experience. You’ll need this in order to receive…

- …your well-earned certificate of appreciation from the organization with which you volunteered, acknowledging your hard work and achievements


Useful links: You can find all the Job offers and all the information here


Contact information:

Online Volunteering service

United Nations Volunteers

Postfach 260 111

D-53153 Bonn


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.  


Startups and less known ONGs are well represented at International Career Festival 2017, along with bigger companies and associations like Barel or UNICEF. Some of them shared with us what they can offer to the participants of the fair and what they are expecting from it.


JustKnock! – Stand 27

JustKnock! ( is an online platform that connects ideas and opportunities. It was founded in March 2015 by Marianna Poletti on a simple but radical principle: don’t let your CV define who you are.

On their website you can either apply to a job offer by creating your own project or submit your original ideas to the company you love.

Alice Giacomelli (Events & PR): “What we want is to foster meritocracy. That is why, when someone send his or her idea to our website, companies cannot see who he or she is until they are interested in it. We are here to meet young, passionate people, to advise them both on job seeking and as startuppers.”


Alphagamma – Stand 16

A business portal for millennials, Alphagamma ( is a digital magazine that focus on career advices, updates on finance and entrepreneurship and education opportunities.

On their website you can sign in for a free consultation on your ideas, and you can also download a mobile app to keep you updated on everything’s new in the business and marketing world.

Arthur Gopak (CEO & Editor-in-chief): “The International Career Fair is a great opportunity for us to meet new professionals we can help, and anyone who’s interested in business development, marketing, journalism and writing.”


Inside Factory – Stand 13

A startup created one year ago at VoipVoice, an ICT company with more than ten years of experience, Inside Factory ( provides both digital and professional training. Tuscany based but covering the whole country, they help companies with their blogs and social media management, and organize workshops and conferences.

Martina Giacomelli (Marketing & Sales Manager): “Being at the Career Fair is a chance for us to better understand what are the interests and ideas of students and young people. It is as well extremely useful as an exchange of views with other companies and associations on professional training.”


ONE – Stand 26

ONE ( is not actually what you’d call a small ONG. Founded by Bono Vox, singer and leader of U2, at the end of the last century, it can now count on more than 7 million members around the world. Still, the Italian branch of the organisation is small, but growing fast. A campaigning and advocacy ONG, their focus is on poverty, preventable illnesses (like HIV, malaria or tuberculosis) and guaranteeing children their access to education.

Nicola (Volunteer): “ONE is currently promoting two campaigns, ‘Poverty is sexist’ and ‘#GirlsCount’. Last week Italian volunteers met with vice-presidents of parliament to launch the ONE Youth Ambassador program in Italy. We are here to advocate for ONE campaigns and recruit youth ambassadors to support us all over the country, putting pressure on politician both at a national and at a local level.”


Lunaria – Stand 11

Lunaria ( is a voluntary association organising international work-camps in partnership with the Alliance of the European Voluntary Service Organisations, a network with more than 50 associations promoting young volunteering around the world.

Flavia (volunteer): “Our association want to inform young people on volunteering as well as promote peace, solidarity and fighting racism. Our camps are an extraordinary opportunity to get to know different lifestyles from more than 60 countries while volunteering for a good cause.”

Ready to take part to EVS? It will be an unic experience in Belgium with other young volunteers like you. What are you waiting for? Apply now


For other similar opportunities visit International Organizations


Organization: De witch works with young adolescent girls between 15 and 18 years old that are confrontated with several problems (behaviour, family, social, sometimes psychatric, school.... They try to find out very individually for each girl and her family context what is the best way to get their life back on the rails, where they still have some power to take their life back in their own hands. Besides help and therapy they want to give them a house/place where they can participate at a lot of attractive activities that aren't related to their problems (music workshop, painting, horses an other animals...), and so they can have positive experiences


Duty Station: Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek), Belgium


Open to: Everyone with all the qualifications


Timeframe: Almost 6 months


Deadline: Selections are done in November and December each year


Job description: De Switch are waiting volunteers like you: you can take part to EVS. The volunteer will help young girls in the daily tasks like cooking, taking care of the house shopping, evening activities and during shoolvacations day activities or going on camp. During the day all youngsters have their program, main work happens in the evenings and wednesday afternoon. In the first month the volunteer will get some preparation about life in the project, language course, working in a team and living together with other volunteers. In September the volunteer will take part in an on arrival training organized by the National agency and in January again in the mid term training. During the year the project is providing some language support to learn Duetch and coaching moments for personal learning and understanding of philosophy of the work



- have social skills to communicate, get in contact with the youngsters through his/her tasks on the project

- mature enough to deal with, get along with non-motivated youngsters with behaviour problems

- able to organise work by yourself, taking initiative for own projects and activities to develop

- open minded and willing to discuss and think together with the team about your dealing with the youngsters and task

- able to live in rural setting (not in a city, nearest city Leuven is 12km)


Wage/fees: The volunteer will live in a house near to the project(app 2km) together with other EVS volunteers. It is located in a small village. The volunteer will have a room that he/she can lock with a key. Bathroom and kitchen are in common with other volunteers. Terras and outside places are in common with another project. The volunteer is getting a food budget to arrange his food outside the work hours. During work the volunteer has lunch in the project. The volunteer will get a bike to go to the project, the shop, the bus or train station. A bus card is provided to travel with the bus to the city


Application process: Send us an email with your motivation letter within the subject EVS Molenmoes and we will send you an application form.

Once we got the application form, we will get in contact as soon as we start selections and we need more information


Useful links:

De Switch Homepage

Open call


Contact information:

Gravenstraat 54

3220 Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

016 / 44 19 32

016 / 25 24 95

The editorial staff of is not responsible nor liable for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.

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