The report of Rome Press Game about UNINT


Thousands of students from all walks of life gathered at UNINT (Rome University of International Studies) to interact with experts, Professors and professionals in the 1st day of the International Careers Fair organized by the International Careers Festival that knew the presence of a lot of Companies, Universities and NGOs.

Team five Journalists of Rome press game visited their stand and made a whole report of the opportunities and courses provided by UNINT.

UNINT is one of the best universities in Rome, focus on three majors that all international students need: political sciences, Economic and translation.

The university offers interdisciplinary and job oriented Bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as higher education programs of outstanding quality a strong grounding in international relations and helps the students to develop critical skills for a wide range of real world professional situations.

Their unique international environment and outlook shapes global citizens and help the students to adapt to diversity and engage them in complex economic, political and social dynamics that go beyond borders and cultures.

UNINT offers an applied approach to the study of economics to the students. Their goal is to ensure that all the students graduate with an excellent understanding of mainstream economic theories and encourage the students to develop a proper understanding of the limitations of mainstream of those theories. At the same time, the work of faculty is fundamentally concerned with the application of economics to real world issues and reflecting real policy concerns. As such, students are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of particular countries and issues, based on concrete analysis of history, institutions, and political economy. This reflects a shared view within the faculty that economics should be rigorous, reflective and, fundamentally, useful. Also the program provides the training in microeconomics, macroeconomics and quantitative methods that will enable the student to pursue a successful career in an economics-related profession.

When it comes to translation, students are expected to gain mastery of both the written and oral components of a foreign language, 8 languages are available, and to apply that knowledge to advanced skills in translation and interpretation, the program is designed for individuals desiring a career as interpreter or translator. Aside from fluency in language, topics covered, this program includes linguistic technologies, liaison translation and text translations.

UNINT has more than 70 partners Universities from all over the world, where student enjoy access to a range of international experiences including international study exchange.

The university also has more than 700 partnerships with different companies and institutions providing valuable national and international internships opportunities.


It is well known that today’s employers are looking for candidates with a global mindset capable of developing interdisciplinary skills. For this UNINT promotes activities aimed to applying the knowledge acquired. So if you are a curious person who is looking for an international experience and interested in discovering different cultures, languages and the political and economical realities then UNINT is the Ideal place.


Berkane Houssam Eddine

Rome Press Game

Team Five

Published in Education

Today, high school students joined Rome International Careers Festival participants in the International Careers Fair: Universities, Professionals and Associations from all over the world reached us in Rome in order to get in contact with youths who are willing to be part of that change. UNINT corridors were full of enthusiastic and excited students, and after having spoken with some of them I realized that they all had one thing in common: interest and desire in having a future in the international panorama.


World Food Program – Share the meal


We are so used to sharing information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that most of us have forgotten what the term ‘share’ actually means: to divide among a number of people a part or portion of something. The World Food Program, food assistance branch of the UN, is the leader in the global movement to achieve zero hunger in the world -one of the UN Agenda2030 goals. The humanitarian agency concerned with lack of food and hunger reaches around 80 million people per year, their charity activities are based 100% on donations and 90% of them are used to purchase food to be donated to those in need whilst the remaining 10% cover administration costs, making them the NPO with lowest administration costs in the world. Transparency, efficiency and sustainability are key words that define this non-profit organization, which believes that donations must be easy to make, otherwise why should someone donate? The answer and solution to this question and problem is given in a simple and easy way: why not donate through an app? Share the meal is an app which can be downloaded on every smartphone which allows you to “share your own meal” with kids in need. Finding out that 0.40 cents are enough to feed one kid for one whole day touched me on a personal level, and convinced me to download the app. Share the meal is an easy going and user friendly app. There are many different ways to donate money and the most interesting parts of it to me are the possibilities to create challenges for yourself and your group of friends and to get virtually in contact with members of the families which you are helping and supporting. In the era of Web 2.0, social media and technological revolution we have forgotten what sharing in real life actually means, but why not get back to the origins and share something which might actually help someone?


The day is nearly over and students are heading towards the exit doors, I can hear some of them speaking about how surprised and thrilled they are, but what counts the most is the look in their eyes. They look tired but satisfied, excited to find out what their near future will be like and ready to create their own path in this world. Maybe some of them will take part in some of the projects which were presented to them today, maybe not, but surely this day has changed the life and perspective of each of them.


Francesca Gaja – Team 5




Monday 26th March 2018, a date which might not mean something to many of you readers, but which might have changed the life of the hundreds of students attending the Rome International Careers Festival. Students from over 100 countries have travelled to Rome to take part to a four-day event to discover their talents and to prove that all together we can make a change. Working alongside with professionals discussing social, political and economical issues and collaborating with the press team in order to communicate to everyone that we are here and we are willing to make a change are some just of the important objectives that have been successfully reached.


Costa Crociere


Walking through the halls I noticed Costa Crociere, the largest Italian travel group and Europe’s number one cruise operator since 1947. Mr.Carlo Baggetta, one of Costa Crociere’s representatives at the Fair, came to get in contact with young students who are willing to pursue a career which definitely will take them far, to grab opportunities to travel around the world, meet people from every country and discover different cultures and languages. Costa Crociere is looking forward to discover new talents willing to work in multicultural, open minded and international environment. But which qualities determine if you are a suitable candidate for such a position? Mr. Baggetta points out the importance of the uniqueness in the candidate: you must fulfil all corporate values, but personal added values are the key to pursuing an international career with them. Why international? Students who decided to take such path will have the unique chance to develop themselves not only from a professional point of view but they will also have the possibility to learn new languages and practice them in real life situations. What else could a student ask for? The added value? It all happens on a cruise towards one of the many magical destinations offered by Costa Crociere.

Well then, see you on board!


Francesca Gaja – Team 5


Published in Other Opportunities

What is that brings more than a hundred young students from all over the world to gather in Rome and spend four days intensively working together? Surely the hope to gain professional skills and access to useful networks, but I think that there is something more that connects all the participants of the International Careers Festival: the idea that we can all learn something from each other, and that our diversity will bring us new ideas and perspectives. We are all human beings, different but so similar to each other, and we know that we all deserve mutual trust and respect. I could bet that all the participants of this extraordinary festival have this same belief, and that’s why so many activities and projects are focused on the topic of Human Rights. Indeed, many of the students have chosen to participate in the International Careers Course or in the Model United Nations to simulate the work of those figures who promote and protect Human Rights, like diplomats, NGOs, and major representative institutions.

Professionals from a wide range of institutions have come to the festival each day, and have been a source of great inspiration; for instance, Giulia Pirozzi, the Individual Activism Officer of Amnesty International Italia. Her experience and success in the field of international cooperation and Human Rights have allowed her to give precious advice both to the International Careers Course participants and to the MUN members. During our interview she has indeed called for more dialogue between various international institutions, and has encouraged the MUN members to develop this aspect in their simulation, to produce a concrete change in the future.

Human Rights are frequently endangered in conflict situations, and for this reason the institutions responsible of handling crisis and conducting military operations must commit to the protection of civil population in these scenarios. Doctor Guillaume Lasconjarias, researcher at the NATO Defense College, has explained that not only NATO is committed to the avoidance of any civilian victim, but is also actively promoting the well being of communities endangered by the war: the Cultural Protection Programs focuses exactly on the preservation of civil heritage and cultural properties, to guarantee that, after the end of conflicts, civilians still have places where to reconnect to their historical and social background.

All the students that participate to the Rome Model United Nations consider the protection and promotion of human rights as an essential feature of the UN, but the ones who are part of the UNHCR committee are especially aware of their importance, since refugees are too often stripped of their liberties, and may suffer terrible abuses. The Italian student Flavia Minelli has chosen to take part in the UNHCR simulation since, as she told us, refugees and displaced people don’t have any kind of representation, and they rely entirely on international organizations. The only way to address the issue is therefore a joint effort between NGOs, governments, and supranational organization like the UN.

In a world where diversity is frequently linked with prejudice and discrimination, the awareness and commitment of these young people are more important than ever. That’s why projects as the International Careers Festival are so significant: they reunite all these young adults, so that they can be inspired by each other, exchange ideas and approaches, and continue their lives even more prepared and motivated. As Malala Yousafzai used to say: “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”.


Teresa Trallori

Team 5 - Press Game


How can simulation open doors to empathy and cultural diversity.

At 2018 International Careers Festival the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is giving a chance to young delegates to approach the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development, but above all, to grow as human beings.

The daily topics of April 24th 2018 have been “education for sustainable development”, “solutions for equal access to education”, “promoting knowledge about gender equality and human rights for global citizenship”: challenging concepts which though have not scared young participants.

“Education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world”, firstly declared Sweden delegate.

The general purpose of the organization is contributing to peace and security by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science and culture.
The goal for the young delegates is to represent their chosen country, to analyze, discuss and propose solution,
advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples.
The free flow of ideas, based on a background of study about the represented country internal and foreign affairs, lead delegates
to propose solutions, but most of all to embrace others point of view. The daily agenda is composed of 20 minutes sessions, in which either delegates are given one minute each, or groups of delegations with common interests gather together to find solutions.

George Emmanuel Tetteh, UNESCO Commitee chairperson, very happy about the session, declared: “Using an open speakers list each country has the opportunity to participate: everybody is given the same platform to speak. They are proposing their own topics to moderated and unmoderated caucus and that is what I like: they are rising their own opinion. They gather in coalition with the same point working together towards a resolution.”

A very interesting thing is that delegates are almost never representing their own nation. Beside the great importance of the topic discussed, this is actually the strongest and most interesting aspect of the simulation. Having their own cultural and political background they are taking the task to embrace other countries points of view, needs and goals.
How can it be trying to understand the issues of another nation, with all its complex aspects? The delegate of Israel, a thin and willful 20 years old girl from Azerbaijan, explained how she had to completely change her mind setting in order to understand the perspective of one of the most controversial country of the commitee. “I am from Azerbaijan, I am a Muslim and I come from a country which has been under occupations and in here I am representing Israel. I really have to practice my diplomacy and represent a country which has occupied other peoples territories. Sometimes you have to change your mental scheme in order to see the conditions in which you really are. It is important to change place, to understand, to put yourself in someone else shoes.” Changing your point of view? “My point of view? I changed my religion.”

This is the turning point of the commitee experience. While discussing very hard and considerable issues of the globalized world young delegates are learning to confront and question their own cultural horizon. This brings the simulation further: while brainstorming about shared solutions at the same time they cross mental, cultural and ethical boundaries.
Global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity turn then from ideals to practice, allowing young international relations students to test their working skills, but most of all their empathy and their multicultural inspiration. As the Latvian delegate declared “We need to invest in culture in order to invest in humanity”.


By Duna Viezzoli

Team 3, Press Game


Around 500 participants of all nationalities are gathering in this four days to debate on international issues and team up to find solutions, create resolutions and draft official international documents. Delegates, who participate in the Model United Nations are dived into ten different Committees and have the duty and the opportunity to represent another country different of the one of their nationality. During the enrolment process applicants can choose the country they wish to represent according to the availability of seats for that country at the moment of their request.


Ms. Mumbai, delegate of Kenyan nationality representing Ethiopia in the UN General Assembly, points out that interacting with people coming from other countries enables everyone to learn about them and build networks for a possible future career. Moreover, Ms. Njieri Kiunjri, Chair of the UNHCR, coming from Nairobi Kenya, recognizes the additional value of having a variety of cultures and nationalities represented within the Committee over which she is presiding. In fact, each delegate has the chance to interact with natives from the country he or she is representing during the simulation. In this way, by directly interacting with people coming from all over the world, each participant will acquire a deep understanding of several cultural backgrounds and understandings. This multicultural aspect helps in expressing the MUN spirit, which is to bring everyone understanding issues from another country’s perspective and exchange ideas. According to her, it is paramount to ask for representations and delegations coming from all over the world in order to foster a global understanding and the growth of one’s own perspective of other countries.  


The whole organization of this event is also aimed at guaranteeing a truly international and multicultural experience. According to Dr. Daniela Conte, Executive Director of the association Giovani nel Mondo, the wide network of Universities and partners developed by the association in the last years helps to attract young people from all over the world.  The association in collaboration with the Italian Ministery of Foreing Affairs offers support to each student coming from non-EU countries in the process of request of a visa. However, it is not always possible to guarantee everyone’s participation in the end. This is due to bureaucratic procedures which vary among the different embassies. As an example, this year all twenty applicants from Senegal have been denied their visa, therefore were not able to participate to the event.


Moreover, an issue arises with regard to the ways delegates express and show their national identity by wearing traditional clothes or bringing items typical of the countries they are representing. In Mr. Gonzales Galicia’s account, President of the Rome Model United Nations, everyone should be proud of their nationality, therefore wearing the traditional Mexican dress of the mariachi enables him to better show his origins and identity. Also Ms. Ms. Njieri Kiunjri maintains that it is a good idea to best represent one’s own country in order to allow everyone’s social growth. Finally, Ms. Daniela Conte supports the choice of those delegates who are wearing the traditional dresses of their countries. In fact, she adds that it is common practice within the meetings at the United Nations to wear national typical dresses, however it is forbidden to wear national flags. Therefore, it is important to find a right balance in expressing one’s national identity, while taking into account the fact that all countries must be considered as equals.


di Martina Piazza

Team 2, PressGame


Spanish Translation


¿Por qué es Internacional el Festival de Carreras?


Aproximadamente 500 participantes de todas nacionalidades se juntan por estos cuatro días para debatir sobre problemas internacionales, encontrar soluciones, crear resoluciones y escribir documentos internacionales oficiales. Delegados que participan en la Simulación de las Naciones Unidas están divididos entre diez comités diferentes y tienen el deber y la oportunidad para representar a otro país, diferente al suyo. Durante el proceso de inscripción, solicitantes pueden escoger el país que quieren representar, según la disponibilidad de sillas abiertas para ese país en el momento de inscripción.


Sra. Mumbai, la delegada de Kenia que representa Etiopía en la asamblea general de las Naciones Unidas, señala que la interacción con gente que viene de otros países permite que todos aprendan de ellos y hagan conexiones para una carrera en el futuro. Sra. Njieri Kiunjri, la presidente de la ACNUR (La Agencia de la ONU para Refugiados) viene de Nairobi, Kenia y reconoce el valor adicional de tener una variedad de culturas y nacionalidades representadas en su comité. De hecho, cada delegado tiene la oportunidad de interactuar con nativos de los países que están representados. De esta manera, interactuando directamente con gente que viene de todo el mundo, cada participante adquiera un entendimiento profundo de varios antecedentes culturales. Este aspecto multicultural ayuda representar el espirito de la Simulación de las Naciones Unidas: Traer ideas y entendimientos de problemas del perspectivo de otros países e intercambiar ideas. Según Sra. Njieri Kiunjri, es esencial preguntar que venga la representación y delegación de todas las partes del mundo para promover el entendimiento global y el crecimiento de la perspectiva de otros países.


La organización de este evento también está dirigida a la garantía de una experiencia realmente internacional y multicultural. Según Dr. Daniela Conte, Directora Ejecutiva de la asociación Giovani nel Mondo, una amplia red de universidades y socios desarrollada por la asociación in los últimos años, ayuda atraer a gente joven de todas partes del mundo a la simulación. La asociación, en colaboración con la Ministra Italiana de Asuntos Exteriores, ofrece apoyo a cada estudiante que viene de un país que no está en la Unión Europea en el proceso de pedir una visa. Sin embargo no es posible siempre garantizar la participación de todos. Esto se debe a procedimientos burocráticos que varían entre diferentes embajadas. Por ejemplo, este año, los veinte solicitantes de Senegal no pudieron participar en el evento porque sus visas fueron negadas.


Además, un problema surge en relación a las maneras que delegados se expresan y enseñan sus identidades nacionales. Unos se ponen ropa tradicional o traen artículos típicos del país que representan. En el caso de Sr. Gonzales Galicia, el Director de la Simulación de las Naciones Unidas, todos deberían de ser orgullosos de sus nacionalidades, hasta se puso un traje de mariachi o charro, típico de México, para enseñar su origen e identidad. También la Sra. Njieri Kiunjri mantiene que es una buena idea representar a el país de uno mismo para el crecimiento social de todos. Finalmente, Sra. Daniela Conte apoya a los delegados que deciden ponerse ropa tradicional de sus países. De hecho, ella agrega que es una práctica común en las juntas de la ONU pero es prohibido vestirse con banderas nacionales. Por lo tanto, es importante encontrar un balance entre expresando la identidad nacional de uno, y tener en cuenta que todos los países deberían de ser considerados como iguales.


Translated by: Regina Olivares, Team 2, Press Game


Around 2000 participants from 100 countries. More than 160 promoters from all over the world. 4 different simulations, seminars and many workshops for young people to chose from in order to develop further knowledge and gain insights in the fields of economics, politics and international relations, communication and journalism. The Executive Director of the association in charge of the organisation and planning of the Festival, Daniela Conte, proclaimed at her speech in the opening ceremony on the 24th of sarch at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, that this festival can be seen as “a journey of friendship, opportunities, challenges, hope and inspiration”. But what does the festival stand for exactly?


For the ninth time this year, young people from all around the world come to the “eternal city” of Rome to participate on the International Careers Festival 2018 from the 24th of March until the 27th of March 2018.The Festival, which has been initiated by the non-profit organisation Giovani nel Mondo with the RomeMUN in 2009 and later developed as it is today, stands for cosmopolitanism and interculturality.The whole festival consits in the RomeMUN, the Rome Business Game, the Rome Press Game and the International Careers Course.

In the Rome Model United Nations delegates have to represent a specific country in a committee, which has been assigned to each of the delegates before. The 10 committees deal with topics, for instance migration policy in Europe, quality education, the situation of refugees in the world and possible interventions to ensure global security by the nuclear disarmament. Besides, prestigious speakers are invited to present speeches regarding these various topics; for instance: Ambassadors, professors of the Rome University of International Studies.

Interculturalism and internationally are relevant topics  in the Rome Buisiness Game, too. The Program Director, Luca Marco Giraldin Von Lahnstein, welcomed 1000 participants this year. Economists-to-be can exercise themselves in learning more about economic strategies, leading companies and resolving economical and political difficulties within a current expanding world. Hereby, the interest for intercultural issues, on which the whole festival stands for, can further be stimulated. The connection between economy and culture helps to widen one’s own horizon and opens the access to a cross-cultural and cross-cutting knowledge.

The Rome Press Game is the third simulation and focuses on journalism, international communication, interpretation and translation. Thus, the participants are asked to report on the International Careers Festival and write appropriate articles, record radio-broadcasts, and create and edit videos. During her speech at the opening ceremony, the Program Director of the Press Game, Shanti Kodituwakku Hettiarachchilage underlined the possibility to gain the so called soft skills which can only be developed in a multicultural environment while creating also interpersonal relationships.

Gaining international experiences, simulating the real working life, challenging oneself and testing one’s boundaries, improving one’s ability to work in a team, getting to know new people from different cultures- these are just some of the answers participants gave regarding their motivation to participate at the International Careers Festival.

Also the International Careers Fair, which is accompanied by 44 exhibitors, takes place at the Rome University of International Studies on Monday the 26th of March and Tuesday the 27th.

Within the fair, mock interviews, workshops, CV reviews and recruitment sessions are offered by the companies which take part, including "global players" like LIDL, UNICEF and UNESCO Giovani.

Through a wide range of tasks, the international level of participants, organisers and topics stress the original idea of the Festival to be an occasion where talent meets opportunity.




Eva Münster – Rome Press Game – Team 2

Rome. March 24th. “The ICF is like a journey for all of you. Made of friendship, opportunities, challenges, hope and inspiration. It was created with a goal: help you start a successful career by understanding who you are”. With these words Dr. Daniela Conte – executive director of the Rome ICF – greeted the 2018 Rome International Careers Festival’s participants. The opening ceremony was held at LUISS Guido Carli University this morning. The speakers directed their words to an audience of almost 1000 young women and men gathered here from all over the world.  

The speeches emphasized the richness that diversity adds to our lives, challenging the audience to patiently know the other to get to know yourself. Because – as Dr. Fabio Bisogni said – only the unknown contains the joy of discovering.

Due to global and digital challenges of our time, there is a need for new solutions and fresh ideas. That’s why during the conference special attention was paid to new emerging kind of professional figures and leadership.

All the inspiring words were welcomed by the crowd with enthusiasm.

A topic sometimes underrated was addressed during the speeches. Speakers like Dr. Daniela Conte and Ms. Monika Altmaier -Chief human resource FAO – underlined the different roles that our own strengths and weaknesses can play in our working career. Work with them or despite them, the approach may be different, but the message doesn’t change: both are part of your own baggage and are part of what you can offer to the others and your coworkers. However, self-improvement is always possible and the best thing to do is keep working on it, nourishing your interests, discovering your passions and gaining knowledge.

The entire ceremony was a call to all the young participants to take action today; to fight our fears and stop hesitating while waiting for “the perfect occasion”. Be your own opportunity!

The ceremony had an unconventional ending. No one knew what to expect from Mr Gianni Ferrario, but in the end, the whole audience and also the speakers were pleasantly surprised.  

The Happiness Trainer gave his own interpretation of ICF: Inspired, Creative, Foolish!

It was impossible not to follow his contagious joy. Between a horse race and a motorboat ride, we shared hugs and laughs with complete strangers. Mr Gianni was a powerful wave of joy and positive energy.

Most importantly, Mr Gianni’s "speech" left us something to think about. What if we really need to embrace our inner fool in order to change the world? What if really hugs and laughs are able to build solidarity and end the war?  

Now, we all know this is very naïve. But we shouldn’t be so ready to throw everything away. Let’s take a look at our past. How many of those who have tried to change the world have been called crazy? Sometimes by their own family and friends.

Maybe ICF is the key! Inspiration will lead us. Creativity will help us to find solutions to the new challenges of our time. Being foolish will make us ready to hug our differences. And ballons will amuse us.



Margherita Cavicchioni

Rome Press Game 2018

Team 4


Spanish Translation


"El Festival de las Carreras Internacionales es un viaje para todos nosotros. Un viaje de amistad, oportunidades, desafíos, esperanza e inspiración. Fue creado con un objetivo específico: lanzar una carrera exitosa a través del conocimiento de sí mismo". Con estas palabras, la Dra. Daniela Conte, directora general del Festival de las Carreras Internacionales de Roma, dio la bienvenida a los participantes. La ceremonia de inauguración tuvo lugar el sábado 24 de marzo en la Universidad LUISS Guido Carli de Roma. Los oradores dirigieron sus palabras a una audiencia de alrededor de 1000 jóvenes procedentes de todo el mundo. Los discursos enfatizaron la riqueza de la diversidad en nuestras vidas, desafiando a los participantes a conocerse pacientemente a través de otros. Porque, como también señaló el Dr. Fabio Bisogni, solo lo desconocido trae consigo la belleza del descubrimiento. Debido a los nuevos desafíos globales y digitales de nuestra época, percibimos la necesidad de encontrar nuevas soluciones e ideas. Esta es la razón por la cual, durante la conferencia, se prestó especial atención a las figuras profesionales y de liderazgo emergentes. Los jóvenes recibieron estas palabras de inspiración con entusiasmo. En los discursos también se abordó un tema que muy a menudo se subestima. Los oradores Daniela Conte y Monika Altmaier (Jefa de Recursos Humanos de la FAO) han enfatizado los diferentes papeles que nuestras fortalezas y debilidades pueden desempeñar durante nuestra carrera. Si se aceptan o menos, el enfoque puede ser diferente, pero el mensaje no cambia: ambos forman partes de nuestro bagaje cultural y son parte de lo que podemos ofrecer a otros y a nuestros colegas. Sin embargo, siempre es posible mejorarse y la mejora se puede alcanzar trabajando en ello, cultivando tus pasiones, descubriendo nuevas y adquiriendo más y más conocimiento. Toda la ceremonia fue un empujón para que los jóvenes actuaran a partir de hoy, para luchar contra los miedos y para dejar de titubear esperando "la oportunidad perfecta". ¡Sé tu oportunidad!

La ceremonia terminó en una manera poco convencional. Nadie sabía qué esperarse de Gianni Ferrario, pero al final todo el público, hasta los oradores, recibieron una sorpresa. El “entrenador de la felicidad” les proporcionó su interpretación del Festival de las Carreras Internacionales: "be inspired, be creative, be foolish” (literalmente: “¡inspírense, sean creativos, sean tontos!). Era imposible no ser contagiados con su alegría. Mientras que él imitaba el paseo de un caballo o de una motocicleta, compartimos abrazos y risas con perfectos desconocidos. Gianni trajo una ola de alegría y energía positiva. Pero, sobre todo, el "discurso" de Gianni nos dejó algo en qué pensar. ¿Qué pasa si tenemos que ir codo con codo con nuestra locura para cambiar el mundo? ¿Qué pasa si los abrazos y la risa realmente representaran las herramientas con las cuales construir solidaridad y poner fin a las guerras? Todos sabemos que esta idea es ingenua. Pero no deberíamos rechazarla de manera tan decisiva. Miremos al pasado. ¿Cuántas veces los que intentaron cambiar el mundo han sido llamados locos? Y a veces incluso sus familias o amigos lo hicieron. Quizás este festival sea la clave de todo. La inspiración nos inspirará. La creatividad nos ayudará a encontrar soluciones para estos nuevos desafíos impuestos por nuestra época. Estar locos nos preparará para afrontar nuestras diferencias. Y un globo nos hará morir de risas.


Tania Gulin


Team 2



Spanish Translation (Maria Delaney Translator)


Roma. 24 de marzo. “El Festival de las Carreras Internacionales es como un viaje para todos vosotros; un viaje de amistad, oportunidades, desafíos, esperanza e inspiración. Fue creado con un objetivo: ayudaros a entender a vosotros mismos para poder emprender una carrera exitosa”. Con estas palabras Dra.Daniela Conte, directora ejecutiva del evento, saludó a todos los participantes en el Festival de las Carreras Internacionales 2018 en Roma. La ceremonia de apertura tuvo lugar esta mañana en la Universidad LUISS Guido Carli. Los oradores se dirigieron a un público de casi 1000 jóvenes reunidos aquí de todas partes del mundo y los discursos, centrados en destacar la riqueza que toda esta diversidad añade a nuestras vidas, también plantearon un reto para el público, desafiándolo a tratar con paciencia de conocer a los demás para conocerse a uno mismo. Porque, como dijo el Dr. Fabio Bisogni, solo lo desconocido lleva consigo la alegría del descubrimiento.

 Debido a los desafíos globales y digitales de nuestro tiempo, tenemos necesidad de encontrar nuevas soluciones e ideas. Por eso, a lo largo de la conferencia, se prestó mucha atención a los nuevos tipos de figuras profesionales y de liderazgo emergentes.

La gente reaccionó con entusiasmo frente a todas estas palabras de inspiración.

Durante las intervenciones, también se abordó un tema que a veces infravaloramos. Oradores como Daniela Conte y Monika Altmaier, jefe de recursos humanos de la FAO, destacaron los diferentes papeles que nuestras fuerzas y debilidades pueden desempeñar en nuestra carrera laboral. Trabajar con ellas o a pesar de ellas, el enfoque puede variar pero el mensaje no cambia: ambas forman parte de nuestro propio equipaje y de lo que podemos ofrecer a nuestros colaboradores y a los demás. Sin embargo, el desarrollo personal siempre es posible y lo mejor que podamos hacer es seguir trabajando en ello, alimentando nuestros intereses, descubriendo nuestras pasiones y adquiriendo conocimiento.

Toda la ceremonia fue un llamamiento a los jóvenes participantes para actuar ya; para luchar contra nuestros miedos y dejar de esperar “la ocasión perfecta”. ¡Sé tú mismo tu propria oportunidad!

La ceriemonia tuvo un final poco convencional. Nadie sabía qué esperar del Sr. Gianni Ferrario pero finalmente todo el público y también los oradores quedaron agradablemente sorprendidos.

El Instructor de Felicidad dió su propria interpretación de la sigla ICF (International Careers’ Festival): ¡Inspired, Creative, Foolish (Inspirado, Creativo, Tonto)!

Fue imposible no dejarse contagiar por su alegría. Entre una carrera de caballos y un paseo en lancha, compartimos abrazos y risas con personas completamente desconocidas. El señor Gianni fue una poderosa ola de alegría y e de energía positiva.

Sobre todo, su “discurso” nos dió algo para pensar. ¿Y si para cambiar el mundo de verdad tuvieramos que dejar salir esa tontería que llevamos adentro? ¿Y si abrazos y risas de verdad fueran la clave para construir solidariedad y terminar la guerra?

Todos sabemos que esto suena muy ingenuo. Pero no por eso deberíamos estar tan dispuestos a tirar todo por la borda. Miremos un poco a nuestro pasado. ¿Cuántos de todos los que intentaron cambiar el mundo han sido tildados de locos? A veces incluso por su propia familia y amigos.

¡Quizás ICF sea la respuesta! La inspiración nos va a guiar. La creatividad nos va a ayudar a encontrar soluciones para los nuevos retos de nuestro tiempo. Actuemos un poco tontamente y vamos a estar listos para acoger las diferencias. Y los globos ahí para entreternos.  


Maria Delaney

Rome Press Game 2018





Published in Education

How do you truly reach success? Is failing an obstacle or an opportunity to become who you always wanted to be?

“They should never be afraid of speaking, they should never be afraid of failure, because failure is part of success. Like, they try once, twice, thrice… they need to keep trying. And also, that they understand that this world needs them, that they can really make a change, even though they are young students […]”. This is the RomeMUN Program Director's advice to the 550 students gathered to the opening ceremony, which took place at LUISS Guido Carli University on Saturday 24th March. He invited the audience not to be discouraged if success doesn’t come immediately; it is something you can achieve after years, and obstacles and failures play an important role in that. Moreover, as already mentioned before, failure often may be a precious opportunity to grow as a professional but most importantly as a person.

The Program Director of RomeMUN, Mr. Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, talked enthusiastically about his past experience as a participant and now as a “Secretary-General”, and about what it means to take part in this event. During his speech he encouraged the young multicultural audience to be proud of their own roots and to love their own nation in order to give the best from their country when working in an international environment. In this way, everybody can learn to care about each language, religion and culture and to find solutions to global issues not by imposing their own point of view over the others’ one, and at the same time without being just bystanders.

This is exactly the purpose that RomeMUN aims to achieve through four days of diplomatic debates simulations. RomeMUN isn’t just a chance to discuss current international issues but also a way to challenge yourself and learn diplomatic skills including introducing yourself to public, being active during a debate, securing your argument and defending your own idea in front of an audience; all these are fundamental for the professional life. While underlining the importance of public speaking, he especially encouraged the young delegates to overcome the fear of speaking and above all the fear of failure.


We have to change the world with our thinking, our enthusiasm and our efforts. The International Careers Festival is a starting point to be more conscious of ourselves and to be aware of the power of our voice in helping others and making the difference in the future of our society.

Team 1 – Serena Campolo and Marta Cultrera

Published in Education

As one of the most representative simulations of the United Nations Model, the Rome International Carees Festival, the event annually held in by the Giovani Nel Mondo association, gathered at the opening cerimony on Saturday 24th March in Rome - Italy, more than 700 students from at least 40 different nationalities, celebreting the beginning of the activities of the festival that takes place until the 27th.


One of the hot issues presented in the speeches of the directors and organizers of the event, as well as the special guests, was related to the growing challenges of multicultural, integration and inclusion. As a reflection of reality, the festival transmits, through the participation of students from all over the world, the necessity of developing skills in the field of business, communication and politics. All this enables the participants to take action in the multifaceted context of globalization. According to Daniela Conte, President and Executive Director of the Giovanni Mondo association, “The festival is a journey of friendship, opportunities, challenges, hope and inspiration”.


Exploring what each nationality has to offer concerning ideas capable of transforming our reality, the festival values inclusion through integration and teamwork, highlighting the power of unity regarding to cultural differences as a useful tool for social transformation. According to Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, Program Director RomeMUN, “Identity as human, DNA goes beyond borders and languages. Something that is deep in each and every one of us, even if we come from different backgrounds. Respect that and debate. Humanity: something that is common to all of us to fight for a common cause. Presentation of the chair men and women. Fight against injustice, fight for awareness ”.


With a large number of women joining the festival as organizators, tutors, directors, special guests and coordinators, the ICF 2018 edition also shows us the rising of female power as one of the aspects of our complex reality. Besides, it reinforces the importance of gender equality in all spheres of social representation, taking the issue of inclusion beyond multiculturalism, showing a world of possibilities.


As future professionals who will work in an ever more international environment, it is fundamental to acquire coping skills to embrace diversity and heterogeneity of cultures. Monika Altmaier, Director of Human Resources at FAO, special guest of the opening ceremony, points out that “Rising above national dimensions is the key to be successful” reinforcing that the ability to work across boundaries is the first step to a social progress.


“The most important lesson I've learned working at the UN is to respect other cultures, to work as a team player and help each other as much as possible”. Through the cultural mosaic which makes up the festival, students will have the unique opportunity to experience in practice the daily reality, the facilities and the difficulties to act in  multicultural contexts, understanding the differences as the driver of a fair future for all .


di Bruna Madeira

Team 4, Press Game



Spanish Translation




Presentado como una de las más importantes simulaciones de las Naciones Unidas, el Rome International Careers Festival, el evento anual organizado por la asociación Giovani nel Mondo, reunió a la ceremonia inaugural sábado 24 de Marzo en Roma-Italia, más de 700 estudiantes llegados por al menos 40 diferentes países, para celebrar el comienzo de las actividades del Festival que durará hasta el 27.

Uno de los asuntos más interesante entre los discursos de los directores y organizadores del evento, de los invitados especiales también, trataba de los desafíos en el desarrollo multicultural, de la integración e inclusión. Como espejo de la realidad, el Festival transmite, a través de la acción de los estudiantes de cada parte del mundo, la necesidad en ser ábiles en muchos ámbitos por lo que concierne la globalización. De acuerdo con Daniela Conte, Presidente y Directora ejecutiva de la asociación Giovani nel Mondo, “el Festival es un viaje lleno de amistad, oportunidad, desafíos, esperanzas e inspiraciones”.

Explorando lo que cada País ofrece con respecto a las posibilidades de transformar nuestra realidad, los valores del Festival a través de integración y trabajo de grupo, resaltando la fuerza de estar juntos en referencia a las diferentes culturas como una buena herramienta para la transformación social. Según Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, Director del Programa RomeMUN, “Siendo humanos, el DNA va más allá de las fronteras e idiomas. Algo profundo en cada persona, aunque los diferentes contextos. Respeta eso y discute. Humanidad: algo que es común a todos lo que combaten para un motivo común. Presentación de los hombres y mujeres sentados allí. Lucha contra la injusticia, lucha para la conciencia social”.

Con muchas mujeres que participan al Festival como organizadoras, tutoras, directoras, invitadas especiales y coordinadoras, la edición 2018 de ICF muestra el aumento de la fuerza femenina como uno de los importantes aspectos de la nuestra compleja realidad.

Además, eso reforza la importancia de la igualdad de género, llevando el problema además de multiculturalismo.

Como futuros expertos que trabajarán en qualquier ambiente internacional, es necesario adquirir abilidades que abrazan la diversidad y heterogeneidad de las culturas. Monika Altmaier, Directora de los Recursos Humanos por FAO, invitada especial de la ceremonia inaugural, remarca “Reforzar la abilidad de trabajar allá de las fronteras es el primero paso para el progreso social.

La lección más importante que aprendí trabajando en UN es de respetar otras culturas, trabajar como los jugadores de un equipo y ayudar los otros”.

A través de un mosaico cultural, los estudiantes tendrán una oportunidad única de conocer la realidad cotidiana, la facilidad y la dificultad de trabajar in un contexto multiculural, entendiendo las diferencias como el piloto de un justo futuro para todos.

Mariagrazia Provenzano Translator, Press Game, Team 4


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