How to build your future in Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Deputy Tardioli explains it

“Listen to yourself, find your talent, follow your passion, imagine your future and then build on it”: this is the encouraging message from the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Deputy of Political Director, Francesca Tardioli, who attends the opening ceremony of the “International Career Festival” at the Auditorium della Tecnica - Confindustria in Rome today, 11th March 2017.

Deputy Political Director Tardioli is extremely pleased with young people’s interest in international affairs and careers. She believes that young students are most likely to be the leaders of tomorrow. To be committed is essential if you want to fulfill your aspirations in any international career you want to pursue and the Festival may be a starting point for a future successful career. Every young person should take full advantage of the opportunities offered by universities and institutions in order to help improving personal abilities and knowledge. Erasmus+, MUN programs, internships are some of the chances promoted by universities. She also emphasizes that the capacity to face challenges is the key of professional growth.

The Ministry offers international conferences and CRUI internships, aimed at integrating the university’s educational path with direct and concrete knowledge. The “Concorso diplomatico”, a public contest to access to diplomatic career, is another interesting initiative. Being a public contest, everybody is given the same opportunities. Other possibilities can be found in the official website of the Ministry, such as the Junior Professional Officer Programme, a great opportunity for those interested in UN and humanitarian work.

As she answered to a delegate’s question, she says that not only does administration of foreign countries offer similar opportunities to young people, but Italy also gives access to some initiatives to foreign people.

A second participant asked about the activities of Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs in Afghanistan. In giving her answer, Francesca Tardioli stresses on how Italy plays an important role in Isaf (International Security Assistant Force) and in military and social activities and projects in East Afghanistan. That’s a long-term commitment, which leads Italy to invest on school programs and small enterprises. The aim is to support and accompany the country to a better status.

The reaction to Tardioli’s speech was mixed. Rome UN Denmark Delegate thinks the speech is interesting, but too general. She believes it is too long and doesn’t focus enough on practical information. Rome UN Lebanon Delegate states that, even though the speech is interesting and quite clear, it lacks on information about opportunities for foreign people in Italy. However, he stresses that the speaker speaks with interest and that she is very nice to answer questions from participant. Despite the small critiques, what everybody can say without a doubt is that Tardioli shows great passion for what she does and great interest for participants’ opinion and questions. That is generally appreciated and raises the quality of the speech.

“Do not hesitate, show great determination and invest on your future”: that’s the final advice that Francesca Tardioli gives to the participants of the Festival of International Careers. “Dialogue and negotiation is important in our multicultural environment, which our fathers contributed to create. A person who loves diplomacy is a person who believes in a world of justice, respect and freedom.”


Giulia Minonne, Paola De Francesco, Marianna Agata Strano, Elisa Pezzato

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