New startup: believe in yourself

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” might sum up the Opening Ceremony of the second edition of International Careers Festival that took place in Rome, 11th March 2017.

All the guests of the Ceremony shared the same view: youth represents the leaders of the future. They are called to improve their skills, believe in themselves, find their dream work and <<practice, practice, practice>>. Among the speakers, Eva Ratti told her story to prove that it is difficult and yet possible. She graduated in Astrophysics and made her wish come true by taking a Doctorate at the Dutch institute for Space Research SRON. Now she is the founder of “Find your Doctor” project - a non-profit startup by Consortium for Technology Transfer C2T- to inspire young people to follow her steps. The aim of “Find your Doctor” are: change the paradigm of how scientific expertise is accessed; provide career perspective for PhDs; inject innovation power into society. The Doctor Programme is the highest academic title which has French Medieval origin and was introduced in Italy in 1980. Every discipline can be subject for the PhDs. Ratti highlighted many times that it is not a Master but a training for work. Moreover, another point of strength is its internationality. Taking a PhD abroad allows you to develop specific skills such as education, orientation, information, job matching and consultancy with an open innovation approach. She went on saying that Doctorate programmes are devoted to build a connection between science and society. At the end of this academic path you will have the satisfaction of realizing a study about a subject never explored before. As Ratti said, the PhD represents a possibility in many fields and

It is not only linked to the scientific research. It is possible to carry the PhD in a literary issues and it proves the completeness of this opportunity. The story of Dr. Ratti teaches us that nothing is precluded. Believing in dreams and let them happen is up to us, young students. Let’s play our turn!

                                                                                                                                                     Vincenzo Francesco Romeo

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