The Rome International Careers Festival - The place where to shape our future

By Cecilia Filaseta and Giorgia Battiato


The international careers festival has started! And what is better than starting with the Italian National Anthem? The Italian “Banda nazionale garibaldina” delights us with some traditional songs. After this beautiful beginning the Ceremony is directed by Luca Marco Giraldin von Lanhstein, the director of the business game.


Fabio Bisogni (Delegate for international relations of UNINT university) talks about the importance that UNINT pays to languages: “by choosing a language you are actually choosing a door”; a door that leads you to a different culture with its own traditions.
In addition, Fabio also emphasizes that the reason of this festival is to give students answers, to shape their professional journey and to create bridges between cultures and people.

After Marco’s speech is the turn of Mr Colombo from Tecnopolo that gives the participants his own experience. Tecnopolo said that “we have to create our own future”. Colombo uses a quote from Keynes to inspire the participants to challenge the past and make a concrete change.

Afterwards, Daniela Conte (Executive Director of the festival) explains the reason behind the creation of the Rome International Careers Festival. It was born to help students to understand that an international career is not only a dream but is actually possible. Daniela lists some skills that are strongly recommended but the key word is: Practice! “You must challenge yourself and take your time to think about what you truly want.” She said. Daniela believes that the real reason for being here is to discover ourselves and to answer our questions.

The is time for programs directors to introduce their activities.
Luca Marco Giraldin von Lanhstein as the Director of the Business Game focuses his attention on the crisis which brought about a need for a new approach driven by people instead of profit.
Ebenezer Essilfie Nyame (Director of the Rome Model United Nation) says how “everyone is important and one of a kind and that everyone bring something to the table”; thereby, encouraging us to celebrate diversity and different opinions. Ebenezer is so passionate about the topic that tells the participant a story to better explain it.
Last but not least, for the Press Game, Eleonora Mantovani. She reminds us of the importance of journalism as the only keeper of the truth.

To sum up, each speaker really believes in the power of the younger generation. They believe the young have many beautiful ideas that needs to be realized and they see in the Rome Internationals Careers Festival the chance to give students the right instruments to do it.




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