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Today during the opening ceremony of the International Career Festival Monika Altmaier, the HR Director  of FAO, gave some guidelines to the participants  in howto begin an international career, with a special focus on the opportunity that FAO can give as an international organization. FAO is an organization which concerns about eradicating hunger and poverty through the development of programs based on the respect of natural resources.

FAO’s main aims are to help people facing problems related to the lack of food and malnutrition as well as reduce rural poverty through changing the ways agriculture, forestry and fisheries  being conducted. According to forecast, by 2050 population is expected to increase  by 2 billion units. This data can make people wonder if food will be enough for all. Thorough a program called “Food For All”, Monika and FAO believe this goal is achievable. This is an international goal which requires an international enrolment.   Then What kind of skills are requested to start an international career in an organization like FAO?

As  the director of this organization, Monika focused her attention on explaining particular skills needed to work in this field. The first one is to embrace diversity and be open-minded to different cultures and points of views, then it is very important to believe in long-term success and be able to balance the differences in a multicultural context.

This field offers a variety of opportunities which allows you to gain the job experience, learns new skills as well as gives you the chance to represent your country and work in a global community.

At the end of the speech, she describes two different categories an international career can be divided in to: professional and general services. She also made a list of the professional post requirements, which include academic qualification, work experience and a good knowledge of at least two of the UN languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian). The participants had the chance to acquaint themselves with the opportunities for students and recent graduates that FAO offers, such as junior professional programs, associate professional officer program, FAO internship program and other volunteering opportunities.


By Battiato Giorgia, Burri Arianna, Eleonori Sara, Filaseta Cecilia.

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