Giovani nel Mondo

The Giovani nel Mondo Association is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization. The Association pursues educational and cultural goals at the national and international level. Its primary focus is assisting and accompanying youth and young adults, between eighteen and thirty years old, on their educational path and ecouraging their professional, academic, and socio-cultural growth. In particular, for the 2016/2017 year, Giovani nel Mondo promotes:

  • The 2nd edition of the International Careers Festival
  • Events, study abroad, cultural exchanges, twinning with young Italian and foreign students; 
  • Career fairs, workshops, events, recruiting sessions to bridge the gap between students/graduates and job opportunities at the international level; 
  • International version of the website



Prof. Rafis Abazov, Al Farabi Kazakh National University – Columbia University
Prof. Danilo Breschi, UNINT, Rome
Dr. Giorgio Bartolomucci, Diplomacy Secretary General
Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso,Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry
Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Marchetti, La Sapienza University, Rome
Prof. Jonny Massey, The New School of Rome
Dr. Alessandro Politi, senior researcher Cemis, NATO Defense College Foundation Director,geopolitics and geo-economy professor;
Prof. Barbara Pisciotta, Roma Tre University
Prof. Luca Scuccimarra, La Sapienza University, Rome
Prof. Diana Tsoi, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek


Daniela Conte, CEO-Executive Director
Salvatore Toppo, Head of Marketing and Fundraising
Manuela Sessa, Head of Institutional Relations Office
Anna Caputo, Editor in Chief-
Christopher Allevi, Head of International Relations Office
Roberta Romanò, Administration and External Relations
Mauro Lavagna, Institutional Relations
Arcangelo Franco, Web Design
Nicola Bollino, Marketing and Fundraising
Claudia Cappiello, Marketing and Fundraising
Eleonora Mantovani, Press Office-External Relations
Sergio Marià, Marketing and Fundraising



GnM operates thanks to the contribution of hundreds of volunteers and ambassadors from all over the world



Since its foundation in 2009, GnM has partnered with hundreds of associations, NGOs, national and international institutions, and private companies (to know more visit the partners page

To know more about Giovani nel Mondo visit our website

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